10 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers

You will undoubtedly be amazed by your rich coffee taste if you switch to the best automatic pour over coffee maker.

Do you care about drinking great coffee? 

Are you exhausted from drinking low-quality coffee? Then this post is for you to know more about the best automatic pour over coffee maker.

Most of you may try different brewing techniques for the perfect taste of the coffee. Sometimes, you will get a good taste, and sometimes you may not. 

The solution to this problem is using the best automatic pour over coffee maker. It is one of the popular choices in the traditional market. 

Five features to check out while buying an automatic pour over coffee maker:

Before going to pick the best automatic pour over coffee maker, you should examine the following features, 

Capacity and size:

First, you should look out for the capacity of the automatic pour over coffee maker without thinking about anything. 

If you are a single user and use only a couple of mugs per day, you can go for the smaller one.

If you want to buy the best automatic pour over coffee maker for your family, you must invest in a larger size with at least an 8-cup capacity.

Now, the size of the coffee maker will depend on your kitchen size. If you run out of space in your kitchen, then you can choose the compact model. It won’t come with more giant footprints, but it adds a beautiful look to your kitchen. 

Ease of cleaning: One of the most challenging work in an automatic pour over coffee maker is cleaning. Some of the external features and components in the coffee maker makes you frustrated while cleaning.

Better to go with the best automatic pour over coffee maker, which has removable parts. So, you can clean it easily.

Temperature controls: If you want to achieve the best coffee flavor, you might sometimes want to adjust your coffee maker’s temperature. 

A temperature between 195F to 205 degrees Fahrenheit is the best option. 

Note: Check the SCAA seal of approval in your coffee maker before buying it. Hence, you will buy the best automatic pour over coffee maker.

Functionality: Expensive coffee makers have the advantage of preset brewing modes, making your work a lot easier. Not only that but also an expensive model is holding a milk frother option for specialty beverages. 

Moreover, the cheaper models are limited in features. If you want to enjoy fancy features to save your time, you might invest a little more. 

Types of carafe: Glass carafe with a hotplate keeps your beverages warm for an hour. It may change your beverages’ taste, and you should be attentive while using the glass carafe.

But, if you use an excellent thermal carafe, you can store your beverages for up to 2 hours without a hot plate. Besides, a thermal carafe won’t affect your coffee taste.


Most buyers won’t consider this showerhead feature while buying the best automatic pour over coffee maker. But, the fact is showerhead is a vital component to analyze when compared to the other.

Why showerhead is an essential aspect of the coffee maker? 

The function of the showerhead is to showers the coffee grounds with hot water. Also, it will evenly distribute the coffee grounds to the hot water to get a great brew. 

If you want to enjoy the excellent extraction of coffee, then consider this showerhead feature while buying.

Ten best automatic pour over coffee maker – Detailed Review:

This section will go through about high-rated best automatic pour over coffee maker and its detailed review.

Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG 10-cup Coffee Maker:

This Moccamaster coffee maker is one of the classic models in the market. The successful combination of elegant design and technical features will give exceptional coffee to you.

The pump-free option in this coffee maker heats the water at the optimal temperature for profitable extraction. 

It can also brew a 40 oz container within 4-6 minutes so you can enjoy your drink without waiting.

To consider the user’s safety, this coffee maker automatically turns off itself after 100 minutes of inactivity.

If you suffered from the low-quality coffee makers, you could directly choose this Moccamaster because it designs using BPA/BPS/BPF. Not only that, but also it is phthalates free. 

It designs using stainless steel and aluminum material. So it lasts for long life.

It has a switch on the right side to controls the hot plate. You can move it to the right side for 185 degrees and the left for 175 degrees. 

It comes with five years of warranty. So, you can buy and use this best automatic pour over coffee maker with a peaceful mind.

What do we love?

  • Stainless steel body ensures the quality
  • Rectangle body style fits in the kitchen
  • 4-6 minutes of brewing time
  • Automatically drips the coffee ton enjoy instant brewing
  • High brewing capacity compared to other coffee makers

Breville BDC450BSS Precision Brewer Coffee Maker:

The Breville BDC450BSS is one of the top models in the automatic pour over coffee maker world. This coffee maker’s main motive is to inspire its customers. 

Not only that but also it allows the user to enjoy their beverages with ease at home.

It has adjustable and digital temperature controls. 

Note: To enjoy the excellent coffee quality, you should pay more attention to temperature, flow rate, and contact time.

Most importantly, it has a dual filter basket such as flat bottom and cone filter baskets. It allows you to brew your coffee how much you like it. 

Notably, this coffee maker comes with six unique brewing modes. Hence, you can enjoy a perfectly balanced coffee in your home.

Some of the presets modes in this coffee maker are Gold, fast, Iced, healthy, my brew, and cold brew.

You can also adjust bloom time, flow rate, and brewing temperature to enjoy the delicate taste of your coffee.

What do we love?

  • Adjustable temperature
  • User customizable options
  • Easy brew settings
  • Gold cup preset mode
  • Dual filter baskets
  • Quality coffee for good taste 
  • Affordable price 

Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision coffee brewer:

Do you want to serve superior coffee to your friends or family? Then this Cuisinart CPO-800P1 is an excellent choice for you. It meets all customer requirements. 

It operates using the electric method, so it is fast, and you can enjoy your brewing before it’s over.

If you want to customize your coffee, this coffee maker lets you adjust the strength and temperature. 

The temperature has hot and extra hot choices. The power has mild, medium, and firm options.

If you are looking to buy the best automatic pour over coffee maker for your big family, you can buy this coffee maker without thinking because it has an 8-cup carafe, although it looks neat.

One of the notable benefits of this coffee maker is laser-etched stainless steel. With the help of it, this electric pour-over coffee maker gives excellent results continuously.

The exterior of this coffee maker looks old fashioned but stylish. Besides, the price will suit everyone’s budget.

What do we love?

  • Easy flavor controls
  • Laser-etched filter
  • Classic look
  • Clean look
  • Small footprint

Bonavita 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker:

If you are looking for a small and best automatic pour over coffee maker, buy this Bonavita model. It is SCA approved.

This coffee maker is not only easy to use, but also you can maintain it easily without any effort.

Besides, it works using the pour-over brewing method. So, it can pause the water flow and allow the coffee grounds to bloom.

It has a black body, and it is entirely using stainless steel and plastic material. 

Moreover, it has an enhanced heater to quickly heat and reach an ideal coffee temperature.

Everyone needs to enjoy a perfect coffee flavor at home every day. It is the goal of this Bonavita. So, it is ideal for daily use, and you can use it for a long lifetime.

As I said before, a thermal Stainless steel carafe is the best choice. 

This pour over coffee maker comes with a thermal stainless steel carafe with a capacity of 1.3L. 

By the way, a one-touch brewing button allows you to brew your coffee quickly. 

Finally, this is the best automatic pour over coffee maker on this list.

What do we love?

  • Lightweight pour-over coffee maker
  • It fits in a small kitchen space
  • Affordable price
  • It requires low maintenance
  • Easy to use controls

Behmor Brazen Coffee maker – 8 Cups:

One of the compact models in the market place is this Behmor Brazen coffee maker. Because when compared to the other coffee maker, is it small in size and gorgeous in design.

You can control the brewing temperature from 190 degrees to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the carafe capacity is 1.2 liters. So it allows you to enjoy perfect cafe-style coffee with your whole family.

It has the timed brew setting option, it allows you to set time, and you can brew your coffee after you wake up. Sounds great, right? 

This Behmor is SCAA approved product, and it is considered the best automatic pour over coffee maker in the traditional market based on specialty and coffee industry standards.

The carafe makes double-walled stainless steel. Besides, you can enjoy accurate brewing up to 1-degree temperature.

What do we love about this?

  • High holding carafe capacity
  • Programmable controls
  • Very small in size
  • High rated coffee maker
  • Well manufactured design

OXO Brew 9 cup coffee maker:

The OXO Brew 9 cup coffee maker provides better brewing, better coffee, and a better day to you. This coffee maker is a 9-cup coffee maker, and it brews the coffee at the push of a button.

Also, the brew precision in this maker controls the time and temperature for a perfect coffee cup.

It takes only three steps to process. First, set-up the timer, choose cups, and start brewing. When compared to the other best automatic pour over coffee maker, it is effortless to use.

Double-wall stainless steel insulated thermal carafe construction helps to keep your coffee hot. Not only that, but also this coffee maker is SCA certified.

When it comes to the weight of this maker is 7.7 pounds. So, it is easily portable.

Refer to the user manual for maintenance and to know about the warranty period.

It comes in silver color, and it makes using stainless steel material. So it adds a rich look to your kitchen.

If you couldn’t afford the expensive one, you can buy this OXO brew 9 cups, coffee maker. It suits your family well.

What do we love in this?

  • Affordable product in the market
  • Thermal carafe for long time use
  • Large holding water container
  • Low weight
  • Easily portable

Bodum BISTRO automatic pour-over coffee maker:

If you are bored using the traditional diner-style pour-over coffee maker, buy this Bodum BISTRO, coffee maker. It gives a modern look to your home. Not only that but also it ease your operation to make coffee.

This product makes in Europe. Moreover, it gives an excellent coffee taste without using any capsules or paper filters.

The water quickly funneled from the water tank to the shower head through tempered glass. Also, the water spreads evenly to the coffee grounds for flavorful coffee.

The filter makes from stainless steel. Besides, it is permanent. So, if you have a coffee maker with a changing filter option, you can consider this model for long time use.

When compared to the other automatic pour over coffee maker with a grinder option, this maker works quickly, and it can make your coffee ready within 6 minutes.

As usual, the carafe is double-walled and stainless steel made. So, it helps keep your coffee for a long time without adding a bitter taste to your coffee.

Steps to use this coffee maker:

At first, use cold water.

Second, Add fresh coffee grounds to the filter. 

Third, click the power button.

Finally, your coffee is ready to serve within a minute.

What do we love?

  • Space-saving design
  • Plastic and stainless steel made
  • It gives long life
  • Quick and easy process
  • Budget-friendly design 

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-cup home coffee brewer:

Are you running on a busy schedule every day? Couldn’t you spend 5 minutes to relax or drinking coffee? If so, then buy this BUNN NHS velocity home coffee brewer. 

It takes only 3 minutes to prepare your coffee. So, you can enjoy your morning drink without worrying about time.

Besides, this BUNN model coffee maker brews up to 10 cups of coffee within a short period. So, it is best for family use.

It has a large and flat bottom coffee filter and funnels. The significant interaction between filter and funnel will offer superior flavor extraction.

The water tank in this maker keeps water always hot for instant brewing. Also, the brewing temperature of about 200 degrees offers the full hot pot coffee within 3 minutes.

Moreover, if you buy this best automatic pour over coffee maker, you can enjoy the warranty period of 3 years.

Besides, it is simple in design, and the manufacturers design this product to fit in any small space kitchen.

What do we love?

  • An extended period of warranty 
  • Simple and attractive design
  • It occupies only a small space in your kitchen
  • Large carafe for family usage
  • It is the best choice for family use

BREVILLE BDC650BSS Grind Control coffee maker:

If you want to enjoy freshly grounded and freshly brewed coffee every morning, then consider buying this BREVILLE BDC650BSS Grind Control coffee maker. For user satisfaction, it comes with eight strength settings. So, you can choose a pre-ground coffee option, just the way you like it.

Besides, it has ½ bean hopper capacity with a locking system that allows you to store, transfer, and remove the hopper easily.

The brewing capacity of this coffee maker is up to 12 cups. Also, it has a removable drip tray. So, if you want, you can use all tall cups and travel mugs to brew your coffee.

Note: Always make sure the carafe is empty before brewing.

If you buy this best automatic pour over coffee maker, you can enjoy using an LCD screen display. This display will always show the water level, grind size, grind timing, brewing time, and strength selection.

This maker’s programmable auto-start option allows you to set the timer to enjoy your brewing at your selected time.

What do we love?

  • Programmable auto-start option
  • 60 ounces water tank capacity
  • Fits tall cups and travel mugs
  • LCD screen for instant feedback
  • No more compromise on the taste of your coffee

KitchenAid KCM0802CU pour over coffee brewer:

The KitchenAid coffee maker is one of the newest brands in the marketplace. This pour over coffee maker designs using automated technology. So, it will help you to extract bright and full flavored coffee every time.

If you want to enjoy the traditional style of coffee at your home, then you can prefer to buy this best automatic pour over the coffee maker of KitchenAid KCM0802CU.

Advanced heating technology heats the water at the perfect range of 198F to 204F. Furthermore, it is an SCAA certified product, so you don’t need to worry about the quality.

The height and length of this coffee maker are 15.1 and 11.3, respectively. So, it is suitable for all kitchen spaces.

It has one-touch medium and dark roasting settings, which allow you to taste flavorful coffee with different roasts.

Moreover, the customer who will buy this best automatic pour over coffee maker will enjoy 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty. Good to hear, right?

What do we love?

  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • 24-hour programmable settings
  • 8-cup capacity
  • Glass carafe
  • Silver color gorgeous outlook

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need to use an automatic pour over coffee maker?

Generally, the best automatic pour over coffee makers is effortless to use. If you consider space saving in your kitchen, then the automatic pour over coffee makers with a grinder is a great option.

Significantly, the automatic pour over coffee maker comes with the option of an auto timer. It is also one reason most people prefer to use the automatic pour over coffee maker with a grinder option.

There are two important features you should think about while buying the coffee maker, such as cost and carafe types.

Does it give the same coffee taste as traditional pour-over coffee?

Yes, you can enjoy it by drinking the traditional pour-over coffee using the modern coffee maker. But, you should keep a particular temperature to enjoy it.

How hard is it to operate the pour-over coffee maker?

Don’t worry; the best automatic pour over coffee maker is effortless to use. Not only that, but also it comes with simple controls. So, the user can easily understand the functions and operate them efficiently as well as quickly.

Is an automatic pour-over coffee maker best to use?

Of course, the answer is yes. In this article, we have listed ten top-rated products in the market. These products have excellent features so that they will offer the coffee based on your preferences.

If you want to enjoy many unique features, you can buy other coffee makers in the market place. 

What are the best coffee beans to use for an automated pour-over coffee maker?

Medium and light roast coffee grounds are the most recommended coffee beans for a pour-over coffee maker. It gives the brighter, more delicate, and flavorful coffee to you every time.

What is the best grind for an automatic pour over coffee maker?

If you have freshly ground coffee beans, then you will get a better coffee taste. However, the medium grind is one of the most recommended drips and pour-over coffee makers. 

The best size of the coffee grind will always offer delicious coffee. So, find the best settings in your maker and grind for the perfect coffee taste.

When it comes to the grinder option, the burr grinder is always best and user-recommended. Moreover, the blade grinder is not fair to make coffee. 

What are the other features to consider for buying the best automatic pour over coffee maker?

At first, you should consider the carafe. It should be in thermal. Glass carafes does not recommend for good taste.

Second, the water tank volume level. The perfect ratio is essential to enjoy the golden ratio of coffee.

Third, brew basket, shower head, hot plate, carafe spout, and temperature controls are the other features to consider for worth investment.

Final verdict:

I hope you got a better idea about the best automatic pour over coffee maker to buy. Use these pieces of information to invest and enjoy purchasing the pour-over coffee maker for you or your family.

Better to consider buying the above-recommended ten pour-over coffee maker to enjoy both quality and quantity.

If you are looking at high-budget products with some unique additional features, consider the above factors before buying them.


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