Intense Keurig Duo plus Review


This article will discuss the newly introduced and best coffer maker of Keurig Duo Plus review.

In the beginning, coffee is one of the delicious and non-avoidable drinks in our everyday life. It not only feels you energized but also improves your performance in the workplace or anywhere.

While thinking about it, the coffee maker plays a vital role in the preparation. It saves the money that you were spending in the cafe every day. 

In point of fact, thousands of coffee makers out there. In that, many of you get tired of researching the best coffee maker for home use. Right? 

If nothing works well, not to worry. Read this post about Keurig Duo Plus Reviews in detail.

Keurig Duo Plus Review:

If you’re speaking about the coffee makers, then there is Keurig. Yes, Keurig is one of the incomparable coffee makers in the marketplace. Let’s jump into the Keurig duo plus review and its features. 

In general, Keurig Duo plus is a single server and the carafe coffee maker, which means you can use both cup and carafe. Besides, using this one brewer, you can enjoy many delicious drinks. 

Multi-position water reservoir:

Many of you struggle while placing the coffee maker in your kitchen. Some may fit perfectly, and some may not. Due to solve this issue, the engineers of Keurig design the water reservoir excellently. 

So, based on your counter space, you can easily position the reservoir to the right, left, or at the back of the brewer.

Thermal carafe:

The manufacturers included a 12-cup thermal carafe in this coffee maker. It keeps warm for up to 2 hours so that it saves your time from frequently brewing.

Not only that but also it allows the user to use both ground coffee and K-cup pods to brew a single cup of drip coffee.

How K-cup pod works?

At first, Fill the freshly ground coffee into the K-cup pods. Always try to use the leading coffee grounds brands for real coffee taste.

Secondly, the hot water in the container saturates the freshly ground beans and flows through the water filter. 

Third, gentle pressure in the maker extracts rich and flavored coffee to taste.

Note: Use freshly ground coffee beans in every pod to make freshly brewed coffee in every cup.

Pause and pour option:

Some of you may be running out of time during the morning. At that time, you can’t wait and brew a full carafe or cup of coffee. 

In this situation, you can use this pause and pour option. It allows you to enjoy your coffee in the mid-brew.

The advanced setting of brew time:

It has a programmable carafe auto brew option, which allows the user to set the brew time up to 24 hours to enjoy the coffee. 

Furthermore, if you buy this Keurig coffee maker, then you can enjoy the multiple brew sizes. You can make 8,10, or 12 cups for large gatherings; otherwise, you can make 6,8,10, or 12 oz for yourself.


When it comes to the design of this Keurig K-duo plus is quite attractive. Not only that, but also it is considered an eye-catching design in the marketplace.

Moreover, this coffee maker is perfect for occasions because you can enjoy hundreds of delicious drinks like coffee, tea, cocoa, etc.

Size and weight:

If you are looking for a space-saving design, this Keurig duo plus is a great option. It fits in any of the kitchen space. Besides, it is low in weight. So, you can use it easily portable it wherever you want.

Travel Mug-friendly:

The drip tray of this single-serve coffee maker is removable. So you can fit any of the travel mugs up to 8 inches easily. 

Also, you can fit 7.25 inches of the cup without removing the tray. So, without any doubt, this Keurig duo plus scores again compared to the other.


One of the great features of this Keurig duo plus coffee maker is the auto shut-off feature. 

Yes, the machine will shut-off after 5 minutes of inactivity. So, it will save energy, and you don’t need to worry about switching off the machine while you’re busy.

Noise level:

Most of you may get frustrated by using noisy coffee makers every time. But, don’t worry; this Keurig coffee maker is well-designed by the top engineers. So, it will produce a small winding noise, but it won’t disturb you. It is the perfect choice for all family users.

Pros of Keurig duo plus coffee maker review:

  • First space-saving design in the marketplace
  • 2 functionalities of cup and carafe
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Multiple beverage size of both single-serve and drip coffee
  • 12-cup of a thermal insulated carafe
  • The easy multi-position water reservoir
  • 60 oz Large water reservoir 
  • Maintenance is quite easy
  • The thermal carafe keeps your beverage hot for up to 2 hours
  • Easily accessible settings
  • Greater in the performance
  • You can enjoy the strong coffee using the strong brewing option

Cons of Keurig duo plus review:

  • Settings in this maker are not customizable. 
  • It requires regular cleaning for proper and uninterrupted function
  • A detailed view of the user guide is not included.
  • You can’t enjoy the milk frother with this maker
  • Some of the exterior body parts of this maker made using the plastics

Frequently asked questions – FAQ:

How to clean this Keurig?

One of the frustrating things is cleaning. Right? If you want your coffee machine to function properly, you should keep the machine clean always. 

Keep in mind, before you start to clean your machine, you should unplug it. Also, check whether the water in the reservoir is hot or not.

The carafe, carafe lid, mesh filter, and filter basket must be washed by hand. 

Is Keurig worth your money?

Actually, Keurig duo plus is a little expensive from the top brands in the market. But, this is one of the user recommended product. Not only that but also it has several unique features and benefits you will gain from this are more.

Also, you can enjoy single-serve and drip coffee in one unit. Even it is compatible with a reusable k-cup filter. So, without any doubt, this is worth your money.

 How to set Keurig duo plus to auto brew?

First, you should fill the water reservoir up to the maximum fill line. After that, load the mesh filter and coffee grounds. Now, press the AUTO button.

You can use the H/M button to set the time for an auto brew in the beginning. After choosing the brew size, you should press the blinking brew button to confirm the time.

That’s all; the AUTO brew setup process is complete. Now, the clock icon will appear on the coffee maker’s screen, and the AUTO button gives the signal to ON. 

Finally, you will get the perfect coffee at the perfect temperature to enjoy.

Should I buy the Keurig Duo plus coffee maker?

Keurig duo plus coffee maker looks elegant. Also, it is a great choice for your countertop. Single-serve and carafe option allows enjoying flexibility. Besides, it is efficient so you can make a coffee without wasting it.

Moreover, The K-cup pod is placed on the top of the coffee maker. So, you can add a few more inches for better accessibility.


I hope this Keurig duo plus review helpful for you. If you want to buy a swift coffee maker, then buy this Keurig duo plus. Features of Keurig K-duo and K-duo plus are similar, but if you buy this Keurig K-Duo plus coffee maker, then you can enjoy the strong brewing coffee at any time you want.

Do you love coffee? Do you want to expand the bigger pots? Then this Keurig k-Duo plus is worth buying.

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