Affordable OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review


Nowadays, cold brew coffee makers have become popular in the marketplace. Even, many coffee lovers preferred to use a cold brewing coffee maker. 

If you go and search cold brew coffee maker on the internet, you will get a lot of options. Some of them are good in quality, and some of them may not. So, it is a tough decision to choose. 

We have tested ten and more products based on their quality, cost, ease to use, and design. Based on it, here, we recommended the top first product on the internet is called OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker.

Features of OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker:

In this section, we will talk about the advanced features, pros, and cons of this OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker.

  • Rainmaker top:

This OXO cold brew coffee maker comes with some extra features that will make your investment worthwhile. 

In that, one of the top features is the rainmaker top. It will help to evenly pour the water over the grounds coffee to enhance the flavour of your cold brew. Additionally, you can make tea with the help of this hot water from the rainmaker.

Many users admit that this coffee maker is easy to reassemble than the other, which clearly shows that this coffee maker allows you to clean it effectively.

  • Capacity:

When it comes to the capacity of this coffee maker holds up to 32oz. Most of the cold brew system absorbs and retains the water a lot. It is one of the main issues we all are facing every day. 

To resolve it, the manufacturer of this OXO designs using advanced technology. So, it absorbs only 20 ounces from 40 ounces of water. Sounds good, right?

  • Performance:

Keep attention, some of the coffee makers produce cold brew, and some will produce cold brew concentrate. In that, most coffee lovers prefer to use the cold brew concentrate option. At the same time, this OXO uses the cold brew concentrate so it can deliver high-quality cups of coffee.

Furthermore, it ensures smooth brewing. As well, the delicious low-acid coffee concentrate helps to prepare hot or cold coffee.

  • Design:

When it comes to the design of this coffee maker is entirely different from the other, which means it comes with a sleek and clean look. So, it gives a unique look to your kitchen.

This maker entirely made using BPA- free plastics, so it is safe and durable. Furthermore, it has a glass carafe to catch the filtered coffee.

If you are facing struggles with using the paper filter in your coffee maker, then you can buy this OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker because it uses the stainless steel mesh filter to ease your work.

Moreover, the glass carafe of this maker is detachable type, so it allows you to store it in the refrigerator as well. Not only that but also it has the measurements marking on the side, and it comes with an airtight lid.

  • Setup:

After you buy this cold brew coffee maker, you will get several pieces in the box, which means you need to assemble it first. Once you opened the box read the user manual. So, you can quickly build it with the help of the manual directions. 

Note: Setup is manageable compared to the other coffee maker.

  • Price:

When compared to the other average cold brew coffee maker, this OXO cost is a little higher. But, it will satisfy you with its high quality and excellent performance. 

Furthermore, if you make little investment in this OXO, you can save more money from buying coffee out every day. 

  • Brew release switch:

What is a brew release switch? Do you have any idea? No? It’s okay. It is a newly introduced feature in the market. With the help of this brew release switch, you can start and stop the filtration process with one touch. 

This OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker not only delivers the coffee but also allows you to prepare iced coffee, hot water, milk for hot coffee, and tea.

Finally, if you use this OXO, you can enjoy a better cup and a better experience every day.


  • Borosilicate carafe 
  • Measurement markings on the glass carafe
  • It allows you to store in the fridge
  • One-touch filtration process
  • Dishwasher glass carafe
  • Easy cleanup exterior
  • It can deliver the coffee within a minute
  • It can provide smooth and low-acid coffee
  • You can enjoy a less bitter flavour if you use this OXO 
  • It can give different types of beverages
  • Stainless steel filter for long time use
  • It allows you to hand wash all the parts
  • It offers the Lifetime manufacturer warranty 
  • It is BPA free
  • A sleek design adds a luxurious look to your kitchen
  • The precise colour of its body can easily merge with other kitchen appliances


  • The price is a little higher than the other top brands
  • Water holding capacity is low
  • The glass carafe is not safe to use
  • The weight of this maker is high

Which is the best place to buy this OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker?

This OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker is available on several websites. You can buy it anywhere you want. But before going to pick it, compare its price with the other websites. So, you can opt for a discount or some offers.

However, one of the best places to buy this OXO is Amazon. Besides, you can buy it on their website also. 

Moreover, this OXO cold brew coffee maker is one of the high reviewed and high rating products on the internet.

How to use it?

Almost all coffee maker does not allow you to use it nicely. But, this OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker is unique, which means it will enable you to use it with great comfort and easy to maintain as well.

Steps to make coffee using OXO cold brew coffee maker:

  • At first, you should flip over the brewing container upside down and place the mesh filter so that it sits flat in the base.
  • Once you screw the filter cap, place the brewing container on its stand. Note: brew release switch should be in OFF mode(upward direction).
  • Secondly, you need to add at least 10 ounces of coarsely ground coffee inside the brewing container. Once you add it, place the rainmaker on top.
  • The grind settings will be 11-15; you can choose based on your need. However, using 10oz of coffee ground, you can enjoy 3 cups of coffee.
  • Thirdly, pour 5 cups of water over the rainmaker in a circular motion so it will distribute evenly to produce a high-quality coffee.
  • Once you complete this process, remove the rainmaker and stir the grounds gently. Now, the brewing is ready to serve. Make sure to press the brew-release button down to drain. It might take 20 minutes to drain completely.
  • Note: Drain time will vary based on the ground size you prefer to use.
  • At last, seal the glass carafe using the stopper so you can store it in a refrigerator for up to a week.

Why should I buy this?

Many of you doubt in your mind that why should I buy this OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker? Here is the answer.

It is easy to clean, which means the glass carafe is dishwasher safe, and all other parts of this maker are hand washable. Also, it can make approximately 14 cups in one brew, which is higher when compared to the other.

Besides, the rainmaker evenly distributes the water on the coffee so that you can enjoy coffee like in the coffee shop. As well, the glass carafe comes with a tight lid so it won’t spread the coffee smell while you store it in a fridge for more extended use.


If you are looking for a reliable and consistent machine, then this OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker is the better option. Furthermore, it is relatively less in cost, and it completely avoids the mess and fuss process to comfort the user. 

Do you want to enjoy a delicious cold brew coffee? Then buy this OXO model. It will fulfil your needs on the coffee, and it allows you to enjoy a cafe-style coffee every morning without making any effort.


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