Top 5 Best dark roast K cup Coffee for 2023


If you love a bold, rich coffee that packs a punch of flavor, Best dark roast K cup Coffee is a great option. Dark roasts are roasted longer, resulting in a darker color and a more pronounced coffee taste with slight bitterness. The intense flavor of dark roast coffees makes them ideal for drinking black or with just a dash of cream. 


To help you find the best dark roast K cup coffees, we’ve reviewed the top 5 options available in 2022. Whether you’re looking for familiar favorites or new discoveries, this list has something for every dark roast fan. Read on for our reviews of the tastiest dark roast K-cup coffees you can brew at home!

Green Mountain Coffee Brown Sugar Crumble

First up is Green Mountain Coffee’s Brown Sugar Crumble, combining rich, dark roasted coffee with the sweetness of brown sugar. This blend has robust coffee undertones with notes of molasses and baked bread. The brown sugar adds a touch of sweetness to balance the slight bitterness.


Review: This coffee has an intensely bold flavor with deep roast notes. The brown sugar is subtle, adding sweetness without overpowering the dark coffee taste. It strikes a delicious balance between bitter and sweet. An excellent everyday best dark roast K cup coffee.

Best dark roast K cup Coffee

Café Bustelo Café con Dulce de Leche Flavored Coffee

For an extra sweet dark roast, Café Bustelo’s Café con Dulce de Leche brings in flavors of creamy dulce de leche. This coffee has a bold Latin American dark roast with buttery, caramel-like dulce de leche swirled in. Sweet but not overly sugary.


Review: This coffee nails the balance between rich, dark roasted coffee and sweet dulce de leche flavors. The creamy, buttery caramel tones complement the robust Latino-style dark roast. It satisfies cravings for something both sweet and intense.

Starbucks Holiday Blend Best Dark Roast K Cup Coffee

Starbucks’ seasonal Holiday Blend is a popular dark roast many look forward to each winter. This festive blend combines Latin American and Indonesian beans for a lively, spirited dark roast. It has tastes of herbs, spices, and dried fruit.


Review: As expected from Starbucks, this dark roast is bold, energizing, and very flavorful. The spices and fruit undertones add festive flavors look forward to during the holidays. It has a great complexity while still being a classic dark roast coffee.

Starbucks Colombia Medium-Dark Roast

For an everyday go-to dark roast, Starbucks Colombia medium-dark roast is a top choice combining smooth and intense flavors. Made with 100% specialty-grade Arabica beans from Colombia. Has a subtle, nutty taste with cocoa tones.


Review: This is a perfectly balanced, nuanced dark roast coffee. The Colombian Arabica beans give it a refined, smooth yet rich character. It has multi layered flavors of cocoa and nuts for an intricate, medium-dark roast coffee.

Yuban Traditional Roast Coffee

Last but not least is Yuban Traditional Roast, an affordable but quality dark roast coffee. Brewed by the iconic coffee brand Yuban, this dark roast has a classic American coffee shop flavor. It’s simple, reliable, and deliciously rich.


Review: For a quintessential dark roast that delivers on bold, intense coffee flavor, Yuban Traditional Roast is a smart option. It’s smooth yet full-bodied with no frilly flavors or sweeteners – just pure, delicious dark roasted coffee.



Any of these highly-rated best dark roast K cup coffee will satisfy your cravings for a strong, rich brew. From the sweetness of Café Bustelo Café con Dulce de Leche to the spice of Starbucks Holiday Blend, there’s a bestselling dark roast for every taste. Savor the intense coffee experience of dark roasts in single-cup convenience with these flavor-packed best dark roast K cup coffee.


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