Atlas Coffee Pods Club Review: Exploring the World Through Coffee Pod Subscriptions


For coffee lovers, being able to sample fresh, unique roasts from around the world is a dream. But between limited local selection and high prices, drinking your way through global coffee can be challenging. 


That’s where Atlas Coffee Pods Club aims to bridge the gap. This coffee subscription service sends members a tasting tour of curated coffee pods sourced directly from different countries each month.

Keep reading for a complete Atlas Coffee Club review covering membership perks, pod variety and quality, subscription options, and whether it’s worth trying for aspiring coffee tourists.


Here are some of the single origin Atlas coffee pods worth trying on Amazon:

India Monsooned Malabar – These medium roast Indian pods produce an intricate brew with notes of spice and wood. The unique monsooning process gives a smooth, mellow body.

atlas coffee pods

Nicaragua Las Segovias – This light roast Nicaraguan coffee has well-balanced fruitiness with hints of brown sugar and almond. The finish is super clean.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – These Ethiopian pods brew a juice light roast coffee bursting with floral, citrus, and tea notes. It’s delightfully complex.

Costa Rica La Minita – Get tasting notes of red apple, milk chocolate and honey from these sweet, silky Costa Rican medium roast pods.

Overview of Atlas Coffee Club

Founded in 2017, Atlas Coffee Club centers around exposing members to exciting single origin coffees from across the globe. Their coffee curators and world travelers hand select rare, limited harvest coffee pods you’d likely never stumble upon elsewhere.


The pods compatible with Keurig and other K-cup brewers allow you to conveniently experience each coffee’s distinctive regional characteristics. Members receive new selections of light, medium, and dark roast pods from a different country every month. 


Along with the global pods, you’ll get tasting notes and brewing tips to understand the unique flavor profiles of each harvest’s beans. Atlas Coffee Club handles acquiring coveted international pods, so you can simply unbox and indulge in coffees from Ethiopia to India right from your own kitchen.

How Does an Atlas Coffee Club Membership Work?


Atlas Coffee Club caters to adventurous coffee lovers open to trying new styles of single origin roast coffees. If you crave variety over drinking the same old blends, Atlas can expand your horizons.


It’s perfect for busy folks without time to handpick quality global beans every month. Atlas selects exciting coffee “postcards” tailored to your preferences.


Atlas Coffee Pods Club also appeals to conscientious consumers. Their pods are ethically sourced via direct trade and farmer equity practices for sustainable income.


Of course, subscribers must own a K-cup style brewer. But such single serve coffee makers are common enough that most java junkies can enjoy the around-the-world pod tasting flights.


Who Is Atlas Coffee Club For?

Signing up for Atlas Coffee Pods will get you a recurring monthly shipment of their World Explorer pods. Here’s an overview of what to expect as a club member:


Choose Pod Quantity – Select how many K-cup pods you want monthly – options range from 12 up to 60 pods.

Pick Roast Style – Specify your favorite roast type like light, dark, or a mix. Flavor profiles vary from fruity Africans to intense Indonesians.

Country Variety – Never get the same origin twice! Try beans from over 35 different countries spanning 6 continents. 

Learn Origins – Read tasting notes explaining each month’s coffee harvest and intriguing regional backstories. 

Drink Globally – Brew your monthly “passport” flights from your own home while expanding your coffee palate.

Flexible Billing – Customize or cancel your pods online anytime. Pods ship out mid-month for freshness.


Overall, Atlas Coffee Club simplifies sampling unique coffees from across the map without leaving home. Now, let’s look at some example pod variety packs available.

Sampling Atlas Coffee’s Global Pod Range One of the coolest parts of Atlas Coffee Pods is getting to taste coffees from obscure origins you’d likely never experience otherwise. Here are just some of the recent single origin pods their club has explored.

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