Why Does Coffee Make Me Nauseous? A Common Reason For Stomach Pain In Women

I’m sure you have asked yourself the same question, “why does coffee make me nauseous?” If you’ve gone through the headaches that a cup of coffee can give you, or you’re like many others and drinking coffee in order to get your head straight, maybe you have become accustomed to the taste. 

After you’ve had it once or twice, you might not notice any difference in your body, but if you think about it, your body knows that there is something in the coffee that you’re drinking.

 It just isn’t the caffeine that is causing the problem. There are many other reasons why you might become nauseous after drinking coffee.

The caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system, which causes a rush of energy throughout your entire body. When your blood sugar levels are high, and your heart rate goes up, this causes your digestive system to work faster. 

While this may seem like a good thing to some, it can also make you susceptible to many diseases and illnesses. Your body is trying to break down the food you eat for the day, but with an empty stomach, you are unable to digest as much and consequently your body is unable to release the toxins that it needs in order to perform at it’s best.

When you have a drink with a lot of caffeine, the chemicals that are present in the coffee will enter your bloodstream. This can cause you to experience an initial feeling of being sick, because you are in need of more energy.

 You may even start to feel a little light headed, as well as irritable and have a loss of appetite. Some people do report that after drinking a hot coffee they actually feel sick, and faint, or are extremely nauseous.

While your stomach is working overtime digesting the food you’ve eaten, your digestive system will release toxins into your body through your skin. 

Some of the chemicals that are released from drinking coffee can enter your bloodstream and get circulated throughout your body. If the caffeine reaches your brain, where the source of the energy is being processed, it can affect how your brain processes that energy. 

You could find yourself feeling sluggish, having a hard time concentrating, or even have problems focusing at all.

So why does coffee make me nauseous? 

There could be any number of factors that are behind this. Some people drink hot coffee just before a large social gathering, or before going to work. 

While coffee is generally acknowledged to aid in restfulness, it also gives you a natural high. The caffeine makes you feel alert and can be the natural jump start you need to raise your energy levels. This increase in energy can lead you to drinking more alcohol to raise your mood, or perhaps not getting the sleep you need to function properly.

Another possibility is that you are drinking coffee in order to keep your energy level up and in order to keep your stomach full. However, the caffeine can trick your body into thinking that you are still hungry, and thus you will eat less when you do feel good. 

However, if you do feel good, you are likely eating more because of the excess energy. This is why people who are dieting and going through a weight loss program often complain about feeling sick when they drink coffee. 

They are trying to cut down on the caffeine intake so that they feel better, but they have consumed so much it has trickled down to their stomach and made them feel sick.

In fact, caffeine itself is an excuse for why people get sick. Caffeine causes a rise in blood pressure, causes a lowering of heart rate, and causes nausea. Drinking coffee with meals can increase the amount of food that you consume, which can then lead to vomiting, bloating, and diarrhea. 

Drinking a cup of coffee followed by a large dinner is probably not the best way to stay regular.

The next time you crave a big meal, don’t reach for the coffee. Instead, reach for something cold to cool you off. Cold water, a slice of cold pizza, or even ice cream will do just fine to quell your hunger pangs without forcing you to drink a cola that makes you sick.

 The stomach is a delicate part of your body, so don’t overdo it with food. It is perfectly healthy to be in a natural state of being full, rather than needing to stuff yourself silly with food. If you do feel hungry between meals, try having a slice of cold pizza instead of grabbing a bag of chips, and you will probably feel much better for a while.

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