Delonghi EC702 Review – Best Manual Espresso Machine

The detailed review of Delonghi EC702, after reading it fully you deside that this product is suitable for you or not.

No wonder, Nowadays, everyone wants to add the coffee machine to their list of Kitchen appliances. But, finding a suitable espresso machine may be a challenging task. Because there are so many things you should consider, and these will confuse you while buying, such as fancy features, brewing capacities, styles, and levels of adjustability, and many more. 

If you are new to the world of espresso, then you don’t want to compromise on the quality for the sake of the machine’s price. Right? 

If so, then you can directly go for this Delonghi EC702 espresso machine without any hesitation. This is one of the elegant coffee makers in the market. Plus, It delivers custom-made coffee just the way you want.

Key features of Delonghi EC702 Espresso machine:


This Delonghi EC702 looks like a professional espresso machine, but its cost is quite less than the other top-rated machines in the market. 

Commonly, if the espresso machines have a stainless steel body, it draws people’s attention quickly. Likewise, this Delonghi EC702 is completely designed with a stainless steel body. Its cup warmer and front panel are also covered with stainless steel material. So, it offers durability, and it is sleek and modern in look.

Specially designed for convenient brewing:

Forget about all other things about an espresso machine. Just think about it, you all would like to buy an espresso machine to create a recipe like a pro, right?

If yes, then this Delonghi EC702 will satisfy your needs. Whether it is a latte, cappuccino, or single or double espresso, this Delonghi EC702 will always deliver an authentic barista-style drink.

Not only that, but also this coffee machine delivers a high-quality espresso just the way you want as you enjoyed it in your favorite coffee cafes.

Moreover, when compared to the other espresso machine, brewing is quite easier in this model.

Milk frother:

Frothing makes a huge difference in the taste of your coffee. So, this Delonghi EC702 comes with a manual milk frother. So, it will steam with the milk and create a rich, creamy froth for even textures. Besides, it delivers the same and even textures all the time, and the taste is very good. So, if you buy this coffee maker, you can enjoy a professional barista-style coffee in the comfort of your home.

Adjustable controls:

This Espresso machine holds the feature of a 15 bar pressure pump. This will make sure that you will get a high-quality coffee every time you prepare with this machine.

Furthermore, this machine has ease of control, and it allows you to adjust according to the recipe of your choice. Besides, you can create any recipe using these adjustable controls. 

All you need to do is adjust the settings and press the button. That’s it; your delicious, high-quality drink will be ready within a minute.


The best thing about this Delonghi EC702 coffee machine is its big water tank. And, this is one of the main aspects to consider while buying a coffee machine. Most of the coffee machine’s water tanks are situated in the backside, and also it looks great. But, it is quite tough to remove for refilling. 

This Delonghi EC702 coffee machine comes with a side-situated water tank. Also, it is easy to detach and fit again. Hence, you can measure the water level in the tank with the help of a water level indicator. 

However, the water tank capacity of this espresso machine is 44OZ. I think this is one of the largest water tank coffee machines in the market.

Less noise:

It’s quite common for coffee machines to make a lot of noise while processing. But, this Delonghi EC702 is specially designed to produce a louder noise, and its vibration is also less while making.

Cleaning and maintenance:

If you’re planning to buy this Delonghi EC702, then cleaning is not a hard task at all. Besides, you can easily take out the drip tray and rinse it thoroughly without any effort. Not only that but also the water reservoir is easily accessible and cleanable as well.

Moreover, you can use the cleaning tablet to clean the brewing system of this machine. Refer to the user manual for detailed information about the cleaning and maintenance of this Delonghi EC702.


  • Sturdy and modern design.
  • Compact in size and its small footprint occupies less space.
  • This machine can heat up quickly so you can enjoy a frequent serving.
  • All parts are removable and washable.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • High capacity water tank.
  • It delivers a 15 bar pump pressure to ensure the high-quality of drinks.
  • The boiler is uniform, strong, and fast, and it is made from stainless steel.


It has no auto shut-off feature.

  • For easy cleaning, it has no solenoid valves.
  • If you give a long gap, then the shots won’t taste as good.
  • Who can buy this Delonghi EC702 Espresso Machine?

This espresso machine is an entry-level espresso machine. And, it is best for beginners who are new to the world of espresso. Because its features and settings are easy to adapt by anyone and require only minimal knowledge to operate, so, if you are a beginner and looking for an affordable espresso machine, then you can go for this Delonghi EC702.

Not only that but also this machine will be useful for those who want to drink coffee frequently. Plus, it is best to use for both commercial and household purposes.


This Delonghi EC702 is relatively small, and the main parts of this machine are made using stainless steel. So, you can enjoy both portability and durability by buying this espresso machine.

You can buy this espresso machine on online websites like Amazon. Better to avoid buying coffee machines from resellers because the machine’s cost will be high and not guaranteed for warranty. 

Finally, if you’re a home coffee drinker looking for a budget-friendly coffee machine, this Delonghi EC702 is recommended.

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