Keurig 2.0 K200 Plus Series Single Serve Coffee Maker Best Review

Keurig 2.0 K200 plus allows you to start your day with the ideal cup of coffee.

Accept it or not, coffee brightens your day. Living a busy lifestyle and rushing into work makes you feel tired. 

It will be good to begin your day with a coffee topped with extra cream prepared by a coffee maker. 

Keurig is a trusted brand that requires no introduction. 

This is one of the most popular coffee machine manufacturers in the United States and Canada. 

And, they have been selling single-serve coffee machines since 1992.

Notably, Keurig K-cups are a popular method. And, it is suitable for coffee drinkers who would like to enjoy a large amount of coffee throughout the day with the touch of a single button.

Please take a quick look at this excellent Keurig K200 plus review and learn its features and benefits.

What is the Keurig K200 Plus Coffee Maker?

The Keurig K200 Plus is an excellent entry-level machine that is useful for both beginners and experienced. 

This is a handy small coffee maker with which you can prepare 4, 6, 8, and 10-ounce cups, as well as 30-ounce K-carafes. 

Not only that but also its brew strength is adjustable. Plus, it has a special mode for making hot chocolate and can make a lovely cup of tea.

Keurig machines for K-cups were meant to be quick and simple to operate, and this one is no exception.

Features of Keurig K200 Plus Coffee Maker:

Compact Design:

If you want to buy a Keurig 2.0 K200 plus, you need to think about counter space left in your kitchen where you can put the brewing equipment. Compared to other models in the Keurig, this K200 series is a space-saving design which means it is smaller, compact in size, and you can see the water level.

The Keurig 2.0 includes a touch display that comes in a variety of colors. The Keurig 2.0 K200 has a sophisticated brewing technology that can scan the barcode on K-cups to provide the ideal brew every time. 

Moreover, This Keurig K200 brewing machine is helpful for people who like a simple lifestyle or those who live in small home settings.

Brewing Capacity:

  • Keurig K200 plus was launched mainly for the users who believed that earlier versions lacked certain features, such as better control over brewing strength and the option to brew larger cup sizes and carafes. 
  • Even though this Keurig 2.0 K200 plus is low in price, this machine has solved both concerns.
  • You can make four different quantities of single-serve coffee (4, 6, 8, and 10 oz) with this coffee maker. And, it accepts K-carafe pods, which are meant to prepare 30-ounce carafes. 
  • The 40 ounces water reservoir is large for such a tiny machine makes it ideal for brewing carafes or many cups in a row. 
  • To brew carafes, you will need to purchase the Keurig brand carafe separately based on your budget plan accordingly.
  • There are two brewing strengths available in this coffee maker, which includes standard and strong. 
  • Plus, it has a specific mode for producing hot chocolate. Furthermore, there are a variety of K-cup pods available for this coffee maker. 
  • So, you can also create hot cider, tea, and even cold beverages like lemonade. Notably, the brewing temperature is not adjustable.
  • This machine also has a water filter, which is a fantastic feature for such a low price. 
  • Purified water produces better-tasting coffee. And, it has a sensor that will even notify you when your filter needs to be replaced.

Easy to use:

  • The Keurig brand is famous because of its user-friendliness. Likewise, this K200 is easy to use. 
  • Its 2-inch touch screen display is relatively straightforward to use. Not only that but also brewing is simple. 
  • Just insert the K-cup and select your preferred brew strength to enjoy your drink.
  • The Keurig K200 has a compact footprint, measuring 15′′ x 9′′ x 13.7′′, and it is available in a variety of attractive colors which are suitable for almost any home or office kitchen.
  • Cleaning is also quite simple. When you use K-cup pods, you make less of a mess since there are no dry coffee grounds to spill or used grinds to throw away.
  • To clean this coffee maker, a unique tool is provided by the manufacturer. Like, all the coffee makers, you’ll need to descale this coffee machine on sometimes. But, to make things even easier, the K200 notifies you when this is necessary.


  • Single-serve coffee machines, such as Keurig, are energy efficient to heat and brew as soon as possible. 
  • This machine brews a little slower than prior models, which takes around two minutes. 
  • In addition, the time it takes to heat the water ranges from one to three minutes, depending on the size of the coffee you are preparing. And, it is still faster than a drip coffee machine in the marketplace.
  • The main disadvantage of this K200 lacks an auto shut-off feature. However, its lack of a shut-off option will not increase power usage as long as you remember to switch it off after brewing.

Value for Money:

  • The price of this Keurig K200 is quite low. It is made of plastic but is highly durable, simple in design, and an easy-functioning machine.
  • Note: If you want to use this machine to brew carafes, keep in mind that the carafe is supplied separately, which will raise the initial cost.
  • Reason to buy and don’t buy this Keurig 2.0 K200 plus coffee maker:
  • If you want a low-cost pod-style coffee machine that can prepare more than a single serving, this machine serves you well.
  • The primary selling points of this K200 machine are its 40-ounce water tank and ability to brew K-carafes while keeping a compact footprint.
  • It’s also an excellent idea to buy if you want to use your coffee machine for more than just brewing coffee. Consider the Keurig K-Cafe if you’re going to enjoy a variety of drinks.
  • If you’re searching for a small machine to create single-serve coffees, a low-cost alternative like the K15 could be a good match.
  • This coffee machine may not be the greatest option if you want a lot of control over your brewing. There are just two brew strengths available in this machine, and you cannot modify the brewing temperature.


  • This machine is available in a variety of fun colors.
  • Compact size and sits comfortably in any size of the counter space in the kitchen.
  • Suitable to use for all lifestyles.
  • Customizable drink options.
  • Two brew strengths are available.
  • Portable and affordable in cost.


  • No auto shut-off mode.
  • It is made up of plastic.
  • It brews slower than the other Keurig models.


  • This Keurig 2.0 K200 plus is an entry-level machine that comes with several features. 
  • It fits comfortably in any size kitchen. It can deliver the type of drink you want, whether it is a dark roast or a toasty mug of hot cocoa. 
  • Moreover, this Keurig 2.0 K200 plus is convenient to use, and the other machines are quite hard to beat.

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