Keurig Needle Maintenance – Care Your Coffee Grinders

Keurig coffee makers come with built-in Keurig needle maintenance tool. 

But how do you maintain it? It’s relatively easy to keep your Keurig in good condition if you follow the proper procedure. 

Tips for Keurig Needle Maintenance:

First, it is especially important to clean your Keurig after each use. This will prolong the life of your Keurig machine and maintain it at its optimal performance.

After you pour coffee grounds into the Keurig machine, it places the ground-up coffee pods inside the machine. 

The Keurig has a special valve that allows the coffee pods to drain into the hopper below it. 

Lift the lid of your Keurig cup and remove the K Cup from the K Cupholder. Then take the maintenance accessory out and put it in the drain hole of the Keurig. Open and close the Keurig lids five times.

In addition to keeping the Keurig needle-free from dirt, dust, and debris, you should also perform some sort of descaling. 

Descaling is the process of applying a thin layer of distilled water onto the inside of your coffee maker. 

You can purchase a descaling kit at any home improvement or hardware store. It usually comes with instructions on how to perform this step of the Keurig brewing process. This step helps maintain the proper working order of your Keurig brewing machine.

In addition to the Keurig needle maintenance described above, you should also clean and sanitize the outside part of your Keurig brewer. 

After brewing a cup, make sure that the spout no longer leaks. You can do this by spraying the exterior parts of the Keurig with plain water. 

If your Keurig comes with a built-in water filter, you can insert the filter into the Keurig’s water supply tube. The filter will keep sediment and clogging from building up in your Keurig.

To perform another step of Keurig needle maintenance, you will need to pull the lid and dislodge the safety valve using a screwdriver. 

You should then place the lid aside and remove it. Next, you should remove the rubber gasket that is sealing the Keurig together. 

After that, you should look for the brass needle which is screwed to the underside of the lid. Remove the brass needle and clean the rubber gasket using water.

To prevent a Keurig from producing too much hot coffee, you should always use fresh coffee grounds. 

For every cup of coffee made using the same brew pot or model, use a fresh coffee bean in its place. 

You should also ensure that the Keurig pot or model being used has sufficient brew strength so that the Keurig does not produce too much pressure. 

If you find that one of your Keurig needles is jammed with residue, you should fix the problem by gently pressing on the needle with a paper clip. Then, slowly pull the paper clip out while pushing on the plunger inside the Keurig.

Keurig needle maintenance does not only apply to the plunger but the plunger assembly as well. 

If you find that the seal around the plunger assembly is damaged, you should remove and replace the seal. Clean the rubber seals using water and then reinsert the rubber seals back into the machine. 

To clean the ink sacs located at the bottom part of the machine, you should insert a cotton ball into the ink sac and gently remove any excess ink.

Keurig machines are easy to maintain when you adhere to some basic procedures. 

Although most of these procedures require you to be careful, especially when it comes to cleaning the parts of your Keurig machine, the effort will be worth it once you have achieved the smooth brewing performance you are aiming for. 

Remember to always clean the coffee grinds as well as the needles in your Keurig machine before you start brewing a cup of coffee.

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