Single cup drip coffee maker intense review

Do you want a delicious and freshly brewed cup of coffee? At the same time, want to make your coffee waiting for you? If so, the single cup drip coffee maker is the only way to go because it will minimize your work.

Just add your favorite coffee beans and water; the machine will take care of the remaining things.

The drip coffee makers can control the water temperature, grind your beans, and make your coffee beans bloom. 

If you reside alone, you won’t need a whole carafe of coffee every time. So, we have checked out the best single cup drip coffee maker in the market to solve this problem. Let’s get into deep about it.

Why should I choose a single cup drip coffee maker?

In truth, single cup drip coffee makers are beneficial to you under some circumstances. First, if you live alone, then you won’t need a multi-cup unit. Besides, single-serve machines are less in cost compared to multi-unit.

Not only that but also single-serve machines are small and compact. So, it won’t occupy more valuable space on your countertop. Furthermore, you can carry it anywhere you go.  

What to look for in a single cup drip coffee maker?

Without any doubt, here we have picked the two single cup coffee makers. These are reliable and high-quality, even though you should lookout for a few things before purchasing a drip coffee machine.

  • Observe the water temperature of the coffee maker. It should maintain between 195 to 205 degrees temperature, and this is the perfect range of temperature for flavor extraction.
  • Check whether the strength selector allows you to customize the brewing time or not.
  • Prefer to choose the coffee maker with an auto-shutoff hotplate so your brew won’t burn while you go out for other business.
  • Always go with the coffee maker, which has an inbuilt water filter system. So, you can enjoy the bright and delicious brew. In case if it is not, at least use the filtered water to make coffee.
  • Try to pick the single cup drip coffee maker with a pre-soak option. Therefore, you can relish the delicious brew.

Two best Single cup drip coffee makers:

Okay, now, you know what to consider before choosing the single cup drip coffee maker. Let’s check out the reviews.

Muller Ultimate Single Serve Coffee maker:

Are you looking for the best way to start your morning? If so, then say hello to this smaller edition of Muller Ultimate Single serve coffee maker.

This coffee maker works fast when compared to the other products in the market. Therefore, it is easy to use, and it will brew the perfect coffee at any time you want.

Furthermore, the compact design of this maker easily fits into all the tight spots on your countertop.

It allows you to make any coffee you want, like crema Forte, Lungo Dolcetto, and Ristretto Potente, with the best taste and superior quality.

It has a 10oz water tank. The removable drip tray allows you to clean the coffee machine without any mess.

Besides, it comes with the auto shut-off feature, and it allows you to use all taller cups up to 4.1 inches.


  • One button ON/OFF feature
  • Compact size
  • Fats 3 minutes brewing

EZBASICS Single serve coffee maker:

EZBASICS is one of the top reviewed single-serve coffee makers in the market because of its clean look and quality.

When compared to the above product, this maker will make your beverage within 2 minutes. Besides, it comes with a reusable filter. With its help, you can easily continue your brewing.

Furthermore, this single cup drip coffee maker has a visual tank, and it allows you to adjust the brew concentration based on your taste preferences.

The one-touch brewing system in this maker allows you to brew your coffee quickly. And, most users admit that this coffee maker is very convenient to use.

To make the user comfortable, this machine designs using advanced features, which means the removable drip allows you to remove or fit easily, and you can use up to 5.3 inches tall mugs.

Moreover, if you buy this EZBASICS single cup drip coffee maker, you can save power and space on your countertop.


  • Travel mug friendly
  • Space-saving design
  • Auto shut-off feature


It’s not possible that you can get up early and do the french press or Aeropress. Better to invest your money in the best single cup drip coffee maker and enjoy the mess-free process.

A single cup drip coffee maker will save your time, save waste, and even it requires only a minimal effort to make your cup of coffee.

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