why does coffee make me nauseous?

Why Does Coffee Make Me Nauseous?

One of the biggest questions I get asked by people who are suffering from acid reflux is, “Why does coffee make me nauseous?” 

The simple answer is that coffee induces a rush of gastric acid into the system. It is this gastric acid in the stomach that actually causes an unpleasant burning feeling in the chest and throat.

This feeling sickly like heartburn can happen when you drink coffee. 

However, it is important to remember that you can still have a cup of coffee during the day. 

What does this all mean? When you feel sick to your stomach due to coffee, the only thing you can do is stop drinking coffee. This however leads to a vicious circle as once you quit drinking coffee you are left feeling even sicker.

So now that you know why does coffee make me nauseous, what can you do to counteract it? 

Well, there are a number of things that you can do to help alleviate nausea that comes from coffee. 

Firstly, avoid drinking coffee just before you have your meals. 

Even if you are having your dinner or breakfast this will cause discomfort in the stomach due to the caffeine. Also, make sure that you don’t drink coffee within two hours of having your meals.

Your next move should be to not consume large amounts of caffeine. This means steering clear of coffee, soft drinks, and energy drinks. They tend to contain high amounts of caffeine which will cause the empty stomach to suffer. 

Instead, drink small amounts of water or herbal tea. Herbal teas are generally lower in caffeine than other types of tea.

If drinking coffee makes you nauseous, one of the best things you can do to counter the effects is to eat an apple prior to drinking your coffee. 

Apples are full of pectin, which helps to reduce the feeling of fullness caused by the presence of caffeine. This way, you are less likely to suffer when you finally decide to wake up in the morning.

There are also a number of foods that will help you overcome your nausea when you are drinking coffee. 

For example, drinking coffee will cause discomfort in the stomach if you eat too many eggs or some meat products. You can offset this effect by adjusting the size of the portions you consume. Eating smaller portions of food will help you feel fuller faster which will prevent you from feeling sicker.

It is also important for you to avoid eating a lot of oily foods when you are drinking coffee. The grease from the food will cause stomach irritation and will make you feel nauseous. 

Also, spicy foods can also cause stomach irritation when you are drinking coffee. Simply remove these types of foods from your diet and you will feel much better.

If you find that drinking hot coffee makes you feel sick, then you should limit its consumption. A cup of warm coffee has the same effect as consuming a large glass of milk in the morning. 

Milk will not make you sick but it will help to settle your stomach so you won’t feel ill. The same thing applies when you drink hot coffee.

If you are drinking coffee and you are feeling sick, then you should take a break. Stop drinking coffee immediately and try to relax your body. This will help to flush out the bad toxins that cause nausea. After a few minutes, you should be feeling better.

There are other illnesses that might cause you to drink coffee. This includes an overproduction of stomach acid. If you have eaten spicy food, then it will further irritate the stomach lining. 

When the stomach is irritated, it produces more acid. This causes a sick feeling which is often accompanied by vomiting. By drinking coffee, you are causing more nausea and this will worsen your condition.

All in all, coffee can be a delicious beverage. However, if you have some food poisoning or some other sickness, you should limit its consumption. 

If you do have a sickness, then drinking coffee at certain times will probably only make things worse. 

Try to consume healthy food with plenty of Vitamin C. This will help to prevent sickness from having any negative effect on you. Try to quit drinking coffee if you have any type of sickness.

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