Affordable breville 800ESXL espresso Maker Review

If you want to cut down on your visits to the coffee shop, then this Breville 800ESXL espresso machine will help you. With its help, you can make a latte or cappuccino in the comfort of your home. 

Normally, espresso uses less water, and it gives thicker, creamier, and stronger-tasting than the other traditional drip coffee maker. Even you can enjoy your favorite drink of coffee within 30 seconds. 

Without any doubt, thousands of espresso machines are out there. In that, choosing the best one might be difficult for you. 

So, here I reviewed  one of the best Breville 800ESXL espresso machines. So, let’s discuss Breville 800ESXL features, pros, cons, and how to use them.

Features of Breville 800ESXL:


Breville 800EZXL is one of the well famous and small-sized kitchen espresso machines. It comes with a solid brick-like die-cast exterior and a stainless steel finish.

The sophisticated design of this Breville 800ESXL enhances the interior design of your kitchen. Not only that but also the water level indicator and control panel buttons are neatly installed with ultra-bold buttons. So, this Breville 800ESXL is a well-structured and excellent-looking machine in the marketplace.

Control panels:

As I said before, the display of this Breville 800ESXL comes in the form of big and bold buttons. As well, it has the necessary and functional coffee brewing customized options. So, you can easily customize your coffee based on your taste preferences.

Besides, the water level indicator appears on the black color panel. It helps to track the volume of the water more easily than the other.

Water reservoir:

The water reservoir of this Breville 800ESXL is placed on the front side of the machine, and it has a capacity of 75oz. So, you can conveniently brew 2 to 5 cups of coffee anywhere you want.

Moreover, the water reservoir’s high capacity indicates that you don’t need to run back and forth to refill the water for every brew. Refilling is quite easy, and you don’t need to worry about water spilling while refilling.

Temperature Regulation:

When it comes to the temperature regulation of Breville, 800ESXL can hold water at the temperature of 204 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the whole extraction process. So, it helps you to select the desired coffee brewing temperature easier.


The Breville 800ESXL espresso machine has double-walled portafilter baskets that hold the coffee grounds before the brewing process. Moreover, this portafilter is the main contribution to making a high-quality espresso. Besides, only the best espresso makers have it.

This excellent espresso machine of Breville 800ESXL offers 50mm of single and double shots. And, it can easily fit in with 14 to 21 grams of coffee grounds.

Drip tray:

One of the most important parts of every espresso machine is a drip tray. Normally, the drip tray has a storage compartment. This storage compartment helps to collect the defrosted and condensed water from the machine while making the coffee. So, there is no mess in your kitchen. 

Furthermore, the drip tray of this Breville 800ESXL is removable. So, you can clean and fit back easily without any efforts.


The auto-purge system in this Breville 800ESXL allows you to enjoy every beverage at your pre-set temperature. 

Froth enhancer:

The newly introduced froth enhancer helps to froth the milk much easier than the other. Not only that but also it offers the richer and creamier milk froth. Plus, the stainless steel pitcher is also included in this Breville 800ESXL.

Cup warming tray:

The cup warming tray helps to keep the coffee piping hot at all times. So, you can enjoy the warm coffee every time you want. Furthermore, this warming tray is quite easy to clean.

Frothing wand:

This ultra-modern and user-recommended Breville 800ESXL is equipped with a stainless steel frothing wand and a swivel steam wand. It will enhance your coffee-making experience. 

If you love to drink a latte, cappuccino, and many more, then this Breville 800ESXL is the best choice for you.

Quality of coffee:

Undoubtedly, the quality of the coffee is fairly good in this Breville 800ESXL. Not only that but also the process of brewing is quite simple when compared to the other espresso machines. If you want to enjoy a great coffee quality, try to use good quality coffee grounds. So, you can enjoy the coffee aroma and taste as well.

Notably, this espresso machine produces the rich crema so it hardly ever disappoints you.

Note: In case, the pressurized filter basket is switched with the non-pressurized filter basket, you can enjoy the great quality of the shot.


This Breville 800ESXL comes with a one year warranty. If you maintained this machine well, then you can enjoy its awesome performance for many years.

Besides, the stainless steel parts are well manufactured, so it gives long life to you.

Ease of cleaning:

Most espresso machines don’t allow you to clean all parts of the body. But, this Breville 800 ESXL is entirely different, which means this machine is easy to clean. You can easily detach the portafilter. As well, using the damp cloth, you can easily whip the showerhead of this machine.

Every 2-3 months, you should do the descaling. The descaling of this machine is quite easy. Just mix one and two parts of water and vinegar respectively. 

Moreover, cleaning the frother is also easy. To do it, unscrew the tip and dip it in a bowl of hot water. 

Thermoblock technology:

This Breville 800ESXL is programmed with thermoblock technology. So, it will efficiently heat the water. Most importantly, this machine heats only a specific volume of water. The machine will use the remaining water in the tank for steam.

15-bar Italian pressure system:

If you buy this Breville 800ESXL espresso machine, then you can enjoy the thicker crema. Not only that but also you can brew delicious coffee every time at the ideal temperature.

Note: Always go for the higher bar pump espresso machine because the higher the bar pumps give the greater taste and high-quality coffee.

Product Specifications:

Brand – Breville

Item Model Number – 800ESXL

Features – Pause-and-Serve, Cup Warming Surface, Cord Storage

Maximum Power – 1200W

Water Tank Size – 2.16L

Maximum Pump Pressure – 15 BAR

Jug Size – 11C

Operation Source – Electric

Cup Filler – Single

Type – Espresso Machine

Material – Steel

Colour – Silver

Voice command – Dial

Weight – 16.92kg

Width – 37.44cm

Height – 40.92cm

Depth – 33.02cm


  • 15 bar Italian pump to deliver the great quality coffee
  • 75oz removable large water reservoir to avoid frequent refilling
  • Thermoblock heating system for quick heat up
  • Stainless steel material for long-lasting life
  • Needle cleaning tool for the portafilter
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cup warming tray 
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 4.5″ cup clearance 
  • The storage compartment is placed behind the drip tray


  • No auto-off feature 
  • You can’t pull the shot and the steamed milk at the same time in this espresso machine.


  • At first, ensure the Selector Control of the machine is in the ‘Standby’ position. If the Power On/Off button is set to the ‘Off’ position, then the machine is switched off and unplugged.
  • Second, remove the Filter Holder and Frothing Attachment. And, Pour the decalcifying agent into the water tank.
  • Next, plug the machine into the power outlet and switch ON the machine.
  • Set the Power On/Off button to the ‘On’ position and ensure the Selector Control to the ‘Standby’ position
  • And, Place a large container under both the Brew Head and the Steam Wand.
  • When the brewing temperature of your coffee machine is reached, the ‘Heating’ light will switch OFF. 
  • Next, Set the Selector Control to the ‘Espresso’ position and let half the decalcifying solution run through the Brew Head.
  • After that, Set the Selector Control to the ‘Steam’ position and allow the remaining solution to run through the Steam Wand. When the solution stops flowing, you should set the Selector Control back to the ‘Standby’ position.
  • After decalcifying, remove the Water Tank of the machine and rinse it thoroughly. After that, refill with fresh cold water. To rinse the machine, run half the water through the Brew Head and a half through the Steam Wand.
  • The machine is ready for use.


  • The stainless steel Filters of the machine and Filter Holder should be rinsed under the water directly after removing all coffee particles. 
  • If the fine holes in the filters become blocked, then you can use the cleaning Tool’s fine pin to clear the holes.
  • It would be best if you wiped the Brew Head interior with a damp cloth to remove any ground coffee particles.
  • Periodically run water through the machine with the Filter Holder in place, but without any ground coffee, to rinse any residual coffee particles.



You can clean the outer housing and cup warming plate with a soft, damp cloth (do not use abrasive cleaners, pads, or clothes that can scratch the surface).


The Drip Tray of the coffee machine should be removed, emptied, and cleaned at regular intervals. Particularly when the Drip Tray Full Indicator is showing full.

Remove the Drip Tray Full Indicator and Grid from the Drip Tray, then wash with warm soapy water, using a non-abrasive washing liquid, rinse and dry thoroughly.

If further cleaning is required, you can remove the drip tray’s full indicator by releasing the side snaps.


The Storage Tray can be removed after the Drip Tray is removed then cleaned with a soft, damp cloth (do not use abrasive cleaners, pads, or clothes that can scratch the surface).

NOTE: Do not clean any of the parts or accessories of the machine using the dishwasher.


If you want to make a coffee without much effort, this Breville 800ESXL is the best choice. This great machine will allow you to make the espresso professionally. It is inexpensive. Overall, it is an adorable solution, and it offers a luxurious look to your modern or traditional kitchen.

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