Best gaggia Brera Espresso Machines Review

Are you looking for a lean espresso machine? Do you want to take your coffee kit to the next level? If so, then this Gaggia Brera espresso machines are excellent choice. Without any doubt, it offers the best coffee experience to you.

Suppose you don’t have enough time in your busy schedule or don’t like to invest your time mastering a serious learning curve. In that case, you can buy the Gaggia Brera espresso machines without any hesitation.

What is a Gaggia Brera Espresso machines?

Gaggia Brera is the most popular and mid-range espresso machine in the marketplace. And, it comes under the type of super-automatic espresso machine.

The most wonderful thing about this espresso machine is its design and its cost. Yes, this machine is beginner-friendly as well; it is suitable to use for professionals.

Why should you buy a super-auto espresso machine?

As I mentioned earlier, Gaggia Brera is a super-automatic espresso machine which means some of its functions are pre-programmed, so the machine can do minimal work for you to get the perfect output.

This espresso machine is perfect for those interested in specialty brewing with a bit of experience in coffee. Moreover, it is effective and available at an affordable cost.

Gaggia Brera Espresso machines Review:

First and foremost, Gaggia Brera is an entry-level espresso machine in the market. It looks simple and straightforward. Overall, it is one of the best user-friendly espresso machines with a clean and sleek look.

The main highlight of this machine includes programmable espresso brewing. Plus, LED screen, rapid steam technology, bean-to-cup technology, and water-filter compatibility.



The measure of this Gaggia Brera is 12.4H* 10 W* 17.5 D, which ensures that this maker looks slim and it is suitable to store in any space of your kitchen.

When it comes to the cup height of this machine ranges from 3.1 to 4.5 inches. Some of the other features included in this machine are automatic-shut-off, programmable clock, Decalcification indicator, low water warning, and digital display.


When buying an espresso machine, we should look at the price point because the branded machines are quite costly. Don’t worry; this Gaggia Brera is less expensive and high in quality when compared to the other super-automatic espresso machines in the traditional market.

Cup warmer and drip tray – Plastic made

Drip Tray cover – Stainless steel

Bean Hopper – Plastic

Coffee Ground Container – plastic

Housing – Both plastic and stainless steel made

Steam wand – Stainless steel over plastic 

Water Reservoir – Plastic

Brew unit – Plastic

Boiler – Stainless steel lined Aluminium

As you can see, most of these machine parts are made using plastic but don’t worry; it lasts longer because the main parts of this machine are made of stainless steel and Aluminium.

Thankful to the manufacturer that this machine comes with one year of manufacturer warranty. So, if anything happens, Gaggia will take care of that.

Bean-to-cup Grinding:

One of the best and notable features of this espresso machine is its grinder. Because it has a flat ceramic burr grinder with an 8 OZ airtight bean hopper besides, this grinder has five settings so you can enjoy different brew styles.

Another interesting thing about this machine has the smart system. This smart system helps you to adjust the grind speed and time to roast your coffee beans.

Programmability and Brewing:

First, the brew strength of this machine is Gaggia’s Opti Aroma technology. So, it offers a choice to choose strong, medium, and light brews.

As well, you can even select the volume between espresso and lungo. Moreover, this machine saves your preferences which is a nice touch.


Filtering the water is the most important thing before you make your cup of coffee. Because filtering the water prevents scaling and improves the flavor of your brew. Most of the standard espresso makers have some water filters to remove impurities.

Gaggia Brera recommends using the Mavea Intenza water filter. These filters are placed inside the water tanks, and that provides 4 stage filtration.

Note: You need to replace these filters regularly.

Furthermore, the water reservoir capacity is 40 ounces. So, you can pull 4-6 shots before refilling. If you have to prepare coffee for more people in a day, then this amount won’t last for a couple of days.


  • Designed and made in Italy.
  • Stainless steel finishing
  • Easy interface
  • Classic stainless steel Pannarello
  • Opti Aroma with three selections
  • 100% adjustable ceramic grinders
  • Ground coffee options
  • Memo function
  • Removable Brew group
  • Descaling Alert


  • A little bit pricey.

Highlights Of Gaggia Brera Espresso Machines:

User Interface – Led Display + Buttons
Type Of Graphic User Interface – 3 Colors Display + Icons
Total Beverages Variety – Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Hot Water
Milk/steam Solution – Classic S/s Pannarello
Boiler – S/s Boiler
Ceramic Grinders – Yes
Opti Aroma – 3 Selections
Adjustable Grinder Setting – 5 Selections
Adjustable Coffee Spouts – Yes
Cup Plate – Yes
Beverages Variety
Number Of Beverages – 3 (2 One-touch)
Espresso – One-touch
Espresso Lungo / Caffè Lungo – One-touch
Hot Water – Yes
Steam – Yes
Beverages In Cup Quality
Pump Pressure – 15 Bar
Adjustable Pre-brewing – Yes
Ground Coffee Option – Yes
Adjustable Grinder Setting – 5 Selections
Opti Aroma – 3 Selections
Adjustable Coffee Length – Yes
Gaggia Adapting System – Yes

Ease Of Use:

Capacity Water Tank – 1,2 L
Capacity Beans Container – 250 G
Capacity Coffee Pucks Container – 8 Coffee Pucks
Simultaneously Brewing Of 2 Coffee Cups – Yes
Removable Components – Classic Pannarello: Frontal; Water Tank: Frontal; Coffee Pucks Container: Frontal; Drip Tray: Frontal; Brewing Unit: Side


Water Filter Compatibility – Intenza+
Rinsing Cycle – Automatic
Descaling Cycle – Manual With Warning
Materials, Finishing, And Dimensions
Product Dimensions (l X H X D) 25,6 X 31,5 X 44,7 Cm
Product Weight – 8,5 Kg
Bodywork – Black Abs
Front – S/s
Drip Tray – Abs, S/s
Boiler – Stainless Steel
Power Supply – 230v 50hz 1400w 120v 60hz 1250w
Energy Consumption Stand-by < 1w
Included Accessories – Grease Tube, Measuring Spoon


There are so many options available out there. But, not all espresso machines give the perfect result, durability, and longevity. But, this Gaggia Brera is something special. 

Overall, the Gaggia Brera espresso machines is an excellent choice for a beginner. Buy this Gaggia Brera and Happy Caffeinating.

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