Best 4 Starbucks Verismo Pods Review

First, this reviews Starbucks verismo pods and the machine’s design, usability, cleaning routine, and everything about it.

Single-serve coffee makers make every morning much easier. Right? 

Why because it doesn’t require grinding, measuring, cleaning, and high maintenance as well. 

And, this is why single-serve coffee makers are more popular in the market.

Of course, you have different options, but it isn’t easy to choose the best and affordable one for you without any guidance.

So, keep reading to know more about the interesting information about verismo pods.

Starbucks verismo pods:

Would you like to enjoy the feeling of being in Starbucks? 

And, are you looking for the best machine to drink the recognizable cup of coffee?

If yes, then verismo is the best choice. It can make the perfect cup of Starbucks. Also, it is specially made for Starbucks loyalists.

Keurig also offers Starbucks but compared to the verismo, and it doesn’t offer a good result.

One of the special things about the verismo is that it can make brewed coffee, espresso shots, and milk-based drinks, depending on the pods you use.

Besides, it is ready to brew in about 15 seconds. And, it is a little high compared to most Keurig machines. But, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee using verismo.

Why should I choose verismo?

Verismo is a Starbucks product. If you are a fan of Starbucks, you can blindly go for verismo. Why because verismo pods use the same coffee that Starbucks uses in their stores. 

Plus, verismo pods are vacuum sealed so that you can enjoy the freshness of coffee at any time.

One of the main reasons to buy a verismo pod is the taste and ease of making it.

If you want to drink high-end drip-brewed coffee, then you need to make it yourself.

However, you all need a good tasting of coffee instantly every morning. Right?

So, verismo does it for you.

Why are verismo pods different from the other?

Starbucks coffee is the main reason for verismo pods different from the other is because of Starbucks coffee.

Not only that, but also there are no other ways to enjoy a Starbucks coffee using the single-serve coffee machine other than the verismo. That’s why verismo is unique in this vast market.

Best 4 Starbucks verismo pods:

Starbucks Colombia Brewed Coffee Verismo Pods:

This is a high-quality arabica coffee with a medium roast. So, you can enjoy a smooth and rich flavor with it.

Besides, it is specially packed for single-cup use with a verismo system. It offers a smooth and balanced coffee taste with a walnut flavor.

Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast Espresso Verismo Pods (Pack of 2) – This is best for delicious hot or served over ice.

Starbucks® Veranda Blend™ brewed coffee Verismo™ 12 Pods 3.81OZ(108g) –  These pods are specially made for the verismo system. To use this, remove the freshness tab from the bottom of the pod just before brewing.

Also, when compared to all other pods, this offers a delicious cup of coffee every time you need it with freshness.

Starbucks Verismo Espresso Roast Espresso Pods (24 Count) – If you want to drink the dark and deep taste of coffee, then this will suit you. This is high in quantity and affordable in price.

How to use verismo?

As I mentioned before, using this verismo, you can make different types of drinks. 

First, to make espresso, take a verismo pod and lift the handle. After that, insert the pod and close. Now, press the espresso button to enjoy an espresso.

You can make 1 ounce of espresso using the one verismo espresso pod. Follow the same process to make an Americano, hot milk, and brewed coffee.

Are the verismo pods reusable?

No, verismo pods are not reusable. However, you can foil seals to reuse the verismo pods for the long term.

Where should I buy Verismo pods?

Recently Starbucks closed their online store. But, the pods are available in the Starbucks retail locations. 

You can even buy the verismo pods through Amazon. It is safe well as you can buy pods with many great offers.

What are the verismo compatible pods?

The CBTL capsules are the best and good alternative for your verismo pods. These capsules are available in over 20 varieties, including espresso, brewed coffee, flavoured coffee, tea, etc.

Always try to use the original pods in the machine. Using the different pods may cause damage to the machine. However, you can use the other pods as well at your own risk.

Most importantly, the verismo pods are not compatible with Nespresso machines. And, you can’t use the Nespresso capsules in the verismo.


Sometimes, it may feel quite tough to keep your verismo in good shape. 

For that, you can clean the external parts of the brewer with a wet cloth and descale it at a regular interval of 3 months.

Furthermore, Starbucks verismo machines come with a limited one year of warranty. If you have any doubt about maintenance or others, you can contact the customer service of Starbucks.

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