Ninja CP307 vs CP301 Best Comparision

Confused which one you should choose? well , this is about ninja cp307 and cp301 , A freshly brewed coffee every morning sets your mood instantly. It gives energy and helps us to stay active to do the tasks. Isn’t it? 

So, Would you like to start your morning with a latte, espresso, cappuccino or freshly brewed coffee filled with a rich aroma?

There are hundreds of top brands of coffee makers available in the market. 

In that, you may or may not have heard about the Ninja coffee machines.

Ninja coffee machines are versatile and excellent in brewing freshly ground coffee. 

Here I’m going to review the best two products from Ninja: Ninja CP307 vs CP301. 

I’m sure this ninja CP307 vs CP301 will satisfy your all needs about the coffee machine. 

Okay, let’s get into the review

Review of Ninja CP307 vs CP301:

Ninja CP307 hot and cold-brewed system:

This Ninja CP307 is one of the topmost coffee machines that can brew tasty drip coffee, hot tea, and lattes with frothed milk.

Also, it helps to brew your coffee in a little time. Sounds good, right?

This CP307 is not expensive at all. The main feature of this machine is that thermal flavor extraction. 

It helps to keep the temperature steady and retains the flavor and aroma of your drink.

Key features and Benefits of CP307:

5 Brew styles:

Are you getting bored of brewing the same kind of coffee from your coffee machine? 

Would you like to brew the coffee differently? If so, then this Ninja CP307 is the best machine. 

Because, using this machine, you can brew five different coffee styles, including classic and rich brew, cold brew, and speciality brew. Most of the drip machines won’t offer this feature.

6 Brew Sizes:

This Ninja Cp307 provides six brew possibilities: regular cup, Xl cup, travel mug, Xl travel mug, full Carafe, and half carafe.

Especially, you don’t need to fill the entire water reservoir and set the brew size because this coffee machine is programmed to extract the water needed for a specific brew.

Moreover, the water tank has marking lines for different brew sizes. You can use these markings to fill the water reservoir.

Coffee and Tea baskets:

Yes, this Ninja CP307 comes with separate tea and coffee baskets because coffee and tea making wouldn’t be better to drink in the same place. 

Hereafter, you can make tea and coffee in two separate baskets. Not only that, but also you can switch between the two at any time.

Folding Frother:

You may or may not know yet, steaming, and frothing are essential to enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee. That’s why this Ninja Cp307 comes with a built-in frothing wand. 

The major disadvantage of this folding frother is not flexible compared to the other higher-end espresso machines. 

But, don’t worry, it is functional. And, It can deliver a silky smooth micro-foam to your milk.

Thermal Carafe and scoop:

Thanks to Ninja, this CP307 comes with the thermal Carafe. We all know that a thermal Carafe is great for high-level insulation. This helps to keep your drink hot for a long time.

Because it comes with the thermal Carafe, this machine is expensive. But, still, it is worth your money.

Moreover, the additional great feature of this model CP307 is its speciality ninja scoop. 

All you need to do is scoop out the right amount of coffee and dump it into the basket.

Intuitive interface:

This Ninja CP307 comes with a unique interface. It has a digital display that shows the time to schedule it to make the coffee on time. Plus, the edges of the screen are invisible, and its transition is seamless. 

Moreover, it has a large dial that lets you select the size of the brew. Plus, it has the option to choose the brew styles with a start/select switch.


When it comes to the design of this coffee machine is not a rare design. But you like it. Not only does it adds a luxurious look to your kitchen, but also it is compact. So, you can set up this machine anywhere you want.

Cleaning and maintenance:

The manufacturer recommends cleaning this CP307 thermal Carafe using warm and soapy water. If you would like to clean it thoroughly, then use a soft foam brush. Please don’t use the wire brush; it may damage the Carafe.

Moreover, to clean the machine, you can buy the descaling solution used to clean the coffee maker or vinegar.


  • Six brew sizes.
  • Five brew styles.
  • Coffee and tea brew settings.
  • Thermal Carafe keeps your drinks hot for up to 2 hours.
  • You can brew up to 10 cups with it.
  • Very less expensive.
  • Ease of use button controls.
  • It doesn’t require any pods to brew.


  • It is made from plastic and rubber.

Ninja CP301 coffee maker:

Are you looking for a coffee machine that can deliver barista-style drinks? And, do you want to enjoy both hot and cold kinds of drinks in a single machine? If so, then try this Ninja CP301 hot and cold-brewed system.

This coffee maker is programmed with advanced ice-over technology, which ensures extreme cold coffee. Plus, it is capable of preparing rich, classic, and speciality coffee for you.

Let’s get into the detailed review of this Ninja CP301 coffee maker.


This Ninja hot and cold-brewed system offers six different cup sizes and five different brew styles.

To put it simply, Ninja Cp307 vs CP301 both come with the same design. 

To add the coffee easily, the filter holder of this machine slides easily. Moreover, it has two filter holders. One is for coffee, and another is for tea. So, you can brew coffee and tea separately as well as flavors don’t mix.

Brew time:

One of the important things to note about this coffee maker is it can serve both hot and cold beverages. This means this CP301 coffee maker brewing time is completely related to the preferred temperature.

For hot beverages like coffee or tea, it takes roughly 4 minutes. But, it takes about 15 minutes to finish the task when it comes to the cold beverages. 

To put it simply, this is one of the fastest and the slowest brewing coffee makers in the market.

Ease of use:

Not all the coffee makers from the Ninja are user-friendly except this Ninja Cp301 model. Even when compared to Ninja Cp307, this particular is quite friendly and easy to use.

Moreover, this coffee maker offers different temperatures and beverages, so beginners should learn and brew the preferred coffee they want.

Now, the cleaning parts of this CP301 coffee maker takes at least 60 minutes to complete the cleaning cycle.

When compared to the other models in the Ninja, this CP301 allows the users to clean easily. 

Most of the components are removable and safe to wash in the dishwasher. Don’t forget to wipe the reservoir after every usage because it has no drip tray.

Note: The Ninja CP301 has a glass carafe, so it is hazardous to clean using the dishwasher compared to the thermal Carafe.

Value for Money:

Both Ninja CP307 vs CP301 hot and cold brew systems do not have the same price. 

To say it, CP301 is cheaper than CP307 because it comes with a thermal carafe.

But, both coffee makers come with six brew sizes and five different brewing styles. 

And, most importantly, both have a limited warranty of 1 year. The main difference is the Carafe. So, based on your budget and preferred carafe, you can go for it.


  • All plastic parts are BPA free.
  • Smart basket technology.
  • Integrated milk frother.
  • Simple controls – no need to navigate any complicated menus.


  • It comes with a glass carafe which is not dishwasher safe.
  • It comes with a limited warranty of 1 year7

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the main difference between Ninja CP307 Vs Cp301?

Normally, different models are released with different purposes in the market. Right? Some are large in capacity, and some are good at brewing high-quality and delicious drinks.

But, in this Ninja CP301 vs CP307, both are the same in features.

The one and the only difference between the Cp307 vs Cp301 is its coffee bars and price. 

The Ninja Cp301 features a glass carafe, and CP307 features a thermal carafe.

The rest of the things are the same in these models, including the brew size, beverage styles, design, warranty, and user interface.

Who should buy a Ninja hot and cold-brewed system?

Both models of Ninja hot and cold-brewed systems are suitable for all deep coffee lovers. If you are looking for a coffee maker for your family, then these ninja CP307 vs CP301 will be the best choice.

Surprisingly, it is built for the people who want to drink a lot of coffee and enjoy different flavors based on their mood.

Can I use K-cups in Ninja coffee bars?

No, you can’t use a k-cup with ninja coffee bars because these coffee bars use the coffee ground and brew in all sizes from single Carafe to full.

The measurements are already given on the machine to use those measuring lines and brew the amount you need.


To wrap it up, the CP307 Ninja hot and cold-brewed system is our favourite. Although it is high in cost compared to Ninja CP307 vs CP301 it offers durability and longevity.

Moreover, Ninja CP307 vs CP301 are well-built, and they will look great in your kitchen.

If you buy any of these models, you don’t need to run to the coffee house to enjoy your favourite drinks. You can make both hot and cold drinks using these coffee makers in the comfort of your hom

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