BUNN NHS 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer Review and Price break

Everybody knows that coffee makers are super-efficient and more versatile. 

Having a coffee machine to make coffee at home is so much better than drinking it in local coffee shops. 

It saves your time, cost as well, as it allows you to make coffee based on your taste preferences.

But, there are hundreds of coffee maker brands available in the market. It will be a challenging task to choose the right one without any prior knowledge.

If you don’t have any idea or choice in your mind, then consider buying this BUNN NHS coffee brewer.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, this coffee brewer will satisfy your needs.

Let’s get into the detailed review of the BUNN NHS 10-cup coffee brewer.

Features of BUNN NHS coffee brewer:

BUNN is a renowned coffee maker company that produces excellent design and high-quality machines for coffee and tea lovers. 

Many models are available in this Brand. In that, two models are well-famous, including BUNN NHS and BUNN BX-D. 

Let’s see the features and comparison of these two models.

BUNN NHS design:

To begin with, the design of this BUNN NHS is quite essential. And it requires more space on your countertop. 

To put it simply, BUNN NHS is good in performance over appearance. As I said before, this coffee brewer is simple in design and unconventional architecture with gorgeous display and button controls.

If you give more importance to the design, this BUNN NHS won’t suit you. But the performance and reliability of the coffee maker matter. 

Water tank:

One of the great features of this BUNN NHS machine is its water tank. Yes, this BUNN NHS coffee brewer water tank is made using stainless steel. And, it is large enough to make at least 10 cups of coffee. 

The BUNN NHS water tank can hold the water at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can brew the fresh coffee within three minutes. That’s why this is one of the most demanded products in the marketplace.

Additionally, it comes with the multi-stream spray feature, which helps to distribute the water over the coffee grounds. This guarantees a superior flavour.

The BUNN NHS filter has a large bottom that allows the coffee grounds to mix well with the hot water. 

Due to this, you can enjoy an optimal flavour extraction. And, this is the secret behind the quality coffee of this BUNN NHS coffee brewer.

Ease of use:

The purpose of making this coffee brewer is to benefit both beginners as well as experienced. So, this set doesn’t possess any fancy set of buttons and control panels.

It has a single unlabeled power button that does all jobs to make a perfect quality coffee.

All you need to do is place the coffee grounds in the brew basket and add water. After that, place the carafe in its place. And, Switch ON the power button to brew your favourite coffee.

Durability and Brewing Speed:

Unlike the other coffee brewers, this BUNN NHS is made from stainless steel, which lasts for a long time. 

Besides, it comes with a warranty of 3 years, proving that this machine is good in durability and versatility. And, you can buy this coffee machine without any confusion.

Moreover, this is one of the fastest brewing coffee makers in the marketplace. This machine may lack a timer, but It can brew a whole pot of coffee within three minutes.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning and maintenance of this BUNN NHS coffee maker are simple and easy. This task is even familiar for you if you own a coffee maker. 

You should perform basic cleaning of this BUNN NHS after each use. But, for the deep cleaning, you can schedule every three months.

Moreover, it is essential to remove and clean the spray head every 2 to 3 weeks to enjoy a long life.

Value for money:

This BUNN NHS coffee maker can make up to 10 cups of coffee. Not only that, but also it takes less brew time only. The water tank and other main parts are stainless steel made. Furthermore, it comes with three years of warranty.

So, without any doubt, this is a worthy coffee maker. You can invest in this without any doubt.

What is the difference between BUNN NHS and BX?

First of all, BUNN NHS and BS both come with the same features. But when it comes to the design, there is a slight difference between these two coffee machines. But, it won’t affect the performance of the machine.

Secondly, BUNN NHS is the older model, and BX was released after it.

Thirdly, cost-wise, these two will differ. BUNN NHS was made in China, and other BX, GR, and BT models are all assembled in the USA.


  • It brews lightning fast.
  • It features a drip-free carafe.
  • It offers a superior flavour.
  • This coffee brewer is worth every penny.
  • Large hot water tank.
  • It comes with an exceptional vacation switch.
  • It has a Multi-stream spray head.
  • This machine is specially built to last—3 years of limited warranty.
  • The company offers excellent customer service and support.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has no complicated controls.


  • It comes with a fundamental design.
  • This coffee maker lacks a timer.
  • It occupies more space in your kitchen.



To sum it up, this BUNN NHS coffee maker got a high rating and reviews online. Most people prefer to buy this machine because of its brewing time and simple user interface.

If you would like to replace your old coffee maker with a new one, you can go for this BUNN NHS coffee brewer.

As I said before, this coffee maker can brew up to 10 cups of coffee with superior quality. So, this is the best choice for you. Moreover, the excellent features of the stainless steel water tank ensure fresh coffee every time you use it.

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