Ninja hot and hot brewed system Cp307 vs Cp301 Best Comparision

Are you looking for a coffee maker that drips coffee, hot tea, and latte with frothed milk? If yes, then check out this Ninja hot and hot brewed system Cp307

But why choose Ninja? Because Coffee makers from Ninja are high in quality. Although the machines are made mostly from plastic, they are solid and durable.

Many varieties of coffee makers at hand in Ninja, but two machines are the most demanded product in the market, which are Ninja CP301 vs CP307. 

Okay, let’s talk about both Ninja CP307 features and the differences between CP307 vs CP301 in detail.

Features of Ninja hot and hot brewed system Cp307:

Five brew styles:

Are you getting bored of brewing single style coffee with your old coffee machine? Would you like to replace the old machine with a new one? If yes, then this Ninja Cp307 is a perfect choice.

This Ninja hot and hot brewed system Cp307 comes with five different brew styles to brew different coffee styles based on your mood. Notably, most drip machines in the market don’t offer this feature.

Five brew styles of Ninja CP307 includes classic, affluent, over ice, cold brew, and speciality brew.

Six brew sizes:

Brewing a coffee with several possibilities would be a great thing. Right?

Likewise, this Ninja hot and hot brewed system Cp307 offers this feature now; you can brew six possibilities with this coffee maker. 

Some of them are regular cups, XL cups, travel mugs, XL travel mugs, full carafe, and half carafe.

Not only that, but also this machine allows you to add water as much as you like to the water reservoir and set the brew size.

The unit will automatically extract the right amount of water for that specific brew based on the brew size.

Additionally, the water tank has its markings for different brew sizes. Using these markings, you can fill the water in the water if you don’t want to fill it.

Best Machine for Tea drinkers:

If you are a tea drinker, you may be aware that five different varieties of tea are available. Each method takes a different length of time. 

For example, White tea should never be brewed as long as herbal tea, and this coffee machine takes that into mind.

All you have to do is choose a herbal, black, oolong, green, or white tea, whichever you would like to drink and let the Ninja CP307 handle the rest. 

At the same time, the Presets guarantee that your tea steeps at the proper temperature and time.

Water Reservoir:

The machine includes a large detachable 50oz water tank. By just pushing it up, you can effortlessly remove it. And, It is just easy to put it back as well.

The water reservoir of this Ninja hot and hot brewed system Cp307 is made with transparent plastic. 

Moreover, this tank includes the markings on the side that helps you to immediately determine how much water is available in the reservoir and how much more water is required to fill.


Regardless of what type of coffee or tea you would like to prepare, you may need to add some foamed milk. Right?

Usually, this requires the help of a steam wand or a separate frother. But, this Ninja CP307 went ahead one step and attached a frothing wand to the side of the brewer.

The handy frother rotates out from side to side quickly. Not only that but also using the frother of this machine is as simple as pressing a button. You can froth a cup of milk within 30 seconds with the press of a single button.

Although, it may not produce the same results as a steam wand. But, it can deliver the rich, silky foam to keep your delicious drinks light and airy.

Clear display:

The Ninja CP307 is one of the modern and highly advanced brewing machines in the marketplace. 

The lights of this machine are bright and have high contrast to operating it efficiently, even in a bright kitchen.

Furthermore, if you don’t use the system in a while, it goes into sleep mode to save energy which means it comes with auto shut-off mode.

And, You can start the machine with a single touch of the power switch.

Noise level:

No unnoticeable noises or sounds were emitting from the CP301 Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System. 

The machine will only be loud at first when the brewing cycle begins. However, after a few seconds of brewing, the noise levels will be dropped.

Value for money:

Potential consumers may be surprised by the fact that the price of both versions, including Ninja hot and hot brewed system Cp307 and CP301 , do not always cost the same. 

However, both are suitable investments because outside the market; only a few coffee makers are available to serve hot and cold tea in addition to the five various coffee brewing styles.


  • It preserves taste and texture from the burning of coffee.
  • It provides a delicious and rich taste.
  • Highly customizable options.
  • Best machines for both hot and Ied brews.
  • It comes with separate tea baskets, especially for tea lovers.


  • The only disadvantage of this coffee maker is that it has no hot plate.
  • It comes with the basic frothing wand.


Undoubtedly, this machine is the best option for people who would like to drink hot and cold tea. Having this extra feature may save the cost of buying a tea maker additionally.

Apart from this, people love this Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System CP307 customization choices. 

However, If you’re a person who is used to dealing with coffee machines with sophisticated programming functions, then this machine is a perfect choice. You can even purchase this Ninja hot and cold-brewed system of CP307 from online websites like Amazon or its original website to benefit from the great deals and offers.

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