DeLonghi EC860 Espresso Maker latest review

Are you living in a small household or a single one? 

If you are looking for something about the coffee machine that offers enough flexibility and capability, then the DeLonghi EC860 espresso maker is the best choice for you. 

Honestly, it is one of the great machines to make quality coffee, and it is suitable for both beginners and experienced. This perfect machine is worth your money. Besides, it has many convenience features, and it is an extremely newbie-friendly model.

So, here I am going to review the Delonghi EC860, espresso maker. Let’s take a quick tour.

Features of Delonghi EC860 Espresso maker:


Speaking about the design of this DeLonghi EC860 is relatively more impressive than the other models in the marketplace. It offers a classic look to your kitchen. 

Moreover, the entire body of this coffee machine is manufactured using stainless steel materials. So, it offers longevity.

Reservoir size:

This DeLonghi EC860 has a 35oz front-loading water tank. So, it is sufficient for individual users. Besides, this machine is the best choice if you want to enjoy a couple of cups in the morning and after work.

The less capacity of the water reservoir may disappoint you. 

If you use this machine, you don’t need to spend more time refilling the tank’s water.

Boiler system:

The boiler unit of this DeLonghi EC860 constructs using aluminum, and it is lined using stainless steel. Besides, it works using the thermoblock technology, so it rapidly changes the temperature so you can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee within a few seconds.

Automatic Cappuccino system:

Are you tired of waiting to make a coffee? If so, then buy this DeLonghi EC860 coffee machine. With the touch of a single button, this machine makes the perfect cup of coffee at the perfect temperature.

Furthermore, it has various drink options so you can choose whatever you want. Plus, you can whip out a frothy beverage instantly.

Detachable steam wand:

Like the other top-rated coffee machines in the market, it has a detachable steam wand. It functions to froth the milk for your espresso. Also, with the automatic cappuccino system, it can be detached to make a cappuccino.

Electric cup warmer:

This DeLonghi EC860 contains an electric cup warmer. With the help of it, the machine will heat your coffee cup while coffee gets prepared. This process will preserve the taste of your coffee. As well as, it offers the best coffee experience to you.

Water filter:

When it comes to the performance of this EC860 model water filter is incredible. 

You all know that calcium deposits in the tap water usually. It will affect your coffee machine performance and longevity. 

So, this machine uses an effective water filter to filter these types of impurities and prevent your coffee machine from damage. Meanwhile, it helps to provide delicious beverages.

Detachable drip tray and cup stand:

This coffee machine’s drip tray is specially designed, so it prevents milk, water, or coffee from spilling on to the kitchen. Not only that, but also it is removable so you can easily fit with the taller cups whichever you want.

Programmable buttons:

The buttons of this DeLonghi EC360 are programmed to deliver different types of coffee like espresso, doppio, or ristretto. So, you can enjoy a different variety of coffee every time you need it.

Product specifications:

Brand – DeLonghi 

Model Number – EC860

Materials used – Stainless steel.

Warranty period – 2 years 

Height – 310mm

Weight – 6.8 kg


  • It is perfect for the single user
  • The size of this machine is relatively compact, so it can easily fit anywhere in the kitchen
  • With the help of a good grinder, you can make a delicious caffeinated coffee drink with this machine.
  • The cost is quite affordable, and it is worth your money.
  • Using the thermoblock technology, it heats up quickly, so you can save your time.
  • Cleaning is effortless 
  • It has a removable drip tray


  • Water tank size is shallow, so it requires frequent refilling
  • It is a semi-automatic espresso maker
  • You can’t use the cups which are four and more inch taller

Cleaning the drip tray

The drip tray is equipped with a floating water level indicator. As soon as this indicator starts protruding from the cup tray, empty the tray and clean it. Otherwise, the water may overflow and damage the machine and the surrounding work-top.

Remove the drip tray.

Remove the cup tray, dispose of the water and clean the tray using a cloth: then reassemble the drip tray. Re-insert the drip tray.

Cleaning the coffee filters:

Regularly clean the coffee filters rinsing them under running water. Check that the holes are not blocked. If they are, clean them using a pin.

Cleaning the boiler outlet: 

Rinse the boiler outlet for every 200 coffees delivered by delivering 0.5 liters of water from the boiler outlet (place a cup under the boiler) and then press either the 1 or 2 cup coffee button to deliver a coffee without using coffee powder).

Cleaning the milk container:

Cleaning the milk container after each milk preparation, as described below:

Extract the lid.

Remove the milk spout tube and intake tube.

Remove the foam regulatory by pulling it out.

Carefully clean all components using hot water and a mild detergent. All components can be washed in the dishwasher by positioning them on the upper rack of the dishwasher. 

Pay particular attention that milk residues do not remain inside the holes and grooves on the narrow part of the froth regulator. 

Also, check that milk residues do not obstruct the intake tube and the milk spout tube. Reassemble The Froth regulator, the milk spout tube, and the milk intake tube. Place the lid on the milk container.

Bottom Line:

This machine has many advanced features, and it is user friendly. Besides, it is one of the users recommended coffee machines in the marketplace.

Without any doubt, this DeLonghi EC860 is a good investment. If you’re a single user in your family, then you can go for this coffee machine without any hesitation.

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