Jura e8 Best Review: Top Versatile Espresso Coffee Machine

It’s the truth that Jura e8 Coffee Machine is one of the best and well-known brands in the marketplace. Because this most successful coffee machine is easier to use, and it even has a greater variety of specialties and sophisticated design.

The Jura coffee machines are incomparable when it comes to taste. You can even enjoy your espresso with Jura better than the local coffee shops in your area. 

Okay, Let’s come to the topic. 

This Jura brand released several models of coffee machines in the marketplace. Notably, this Jura e8 model is quite famous because it provides an impressive range of specialty coffee at the touch of a button.

Things to Keep in mind when searching for a Jura coffee machine:

Creating a perfect coffee on your own is not a difficult task if you have Jura with you. 

Even though you should consider some factors before choosing any of the Jura coffee machines for your personal/family use. Such factors are listed below,


Without any first thought, you should check the design of the coffee machine before considering any factors that you know. 

The best design of the espresso machine adds a luxurious look to your bar, restaurant, home kitchen, or coffee shop.

Not only that, but also it will visually impact your customers when entering your coffee shops.

There are lots of awesome designs of espresso machines available in the market. So, You can go for any design of the coffee machine based on your taste preferences. 

But, before that, check whether the design of the coffee machine will be suitable for your kitchen, coffee shop,/restaurant interior or not.

Size and weight:

The next important thing to keep in mind while buying a coffee machine is size and weight. As I said before, there are lots of Jura models available. In that, some models are slim and lightweight. Rest all weigh more than 40 pounds and more.

So, make sure to check the dimensions of your espresso machine. And, try to prefer a device less than 40 pounds, so it is pretty easy to handle and portable.

Finally, buy a coffee machine based on the space left in your kitchen/restaurant. So, it will fit perfectly and add a luxurious look to your kitchen.


Undoubtedly, the third important factor to consider for buying a perfect Jura coffee machine is the display. In my opinion, It is best to buy an espresso machine with a touchscreen display. 

The touchscreen displays are easy to use, and it helps to navigate quickly. You can go for machines with a digital display with a rotary switch. It’s based on your comfort. 

In Jura, both are easy to navigate. But, keep in mind, machines with external controls like buttons/ rotary switches are a little tough to clean and maintain.

Recipes and Customization:

One of the most significant differences between the Jura machines is the number of recipes and customization. Most of the trendy and demanded coffee machines can make only espresso and coffee. Even some of the ultra-super models in Jura are also the same. 

Only a few machines are programmed to prepare multiple recipes and several options for customization. 

Moreover, coffee machines with several recipes and customizations options are pretty high in cost compared to the normal ones. So, consider your budget as the safer one before buying multiple recipes coffee machines.

Water filtration:

One of the most important factors to consider for buying an espresso machine is the water filtration system because the water plays a vital role in the coffee taste. 

The impurities in the water will impact the taste and spoil the aroma of your coffee completely.

Most machines use blue water filters. Besides, the smart filters are also available in newer models, particularly the machines with smart water systems(IWS).

Luckily, all Jura machines come with built-in CLEARYL filters, so you don’t worry about the taste of the coffee. 


Last but not least, the most common factor for buying any coffee machine is the cost. Based on your budget, you can go for the best coffee machines. Before that, consider the number of coffee drinkers in your home. 

If you are looking for a coffee maker for your coffee shops/restaurants/offices, you can go for a commercial coffee machine. 

And, if you are a single or two more coffee drinkers in your home, then the coffee maker with a smaller capacity is good enough, and it is budget-friendly.

Some of the additional features to consider for buying the best and budget-friendly coffee machines are types (basic, semi-automatic, and super-automatic coffee machines), energy efficiency, brewing technology, milk steaming, and frothing grinding.

Attractive features of Jura e8 Espresso Coffee Machine:

Here I have listed the features of the Jura e8 super-automatic espresso machine. Such as follows,

One-touch operation:

One of the special things about this coffee machine is the recipes that it delivers. Using this Jura e8, you can prepare 1 or 2 espressos, 1 or 2 coffees, 1 or 2 ristrettos, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot water (for tea), hot water for green tea, milk foam, Flat white, special coffee, espresso doppio and espresso macchiato all in one touch.

Not only that, but also you can enjoy a most intuitive interface because it comes with the TFT color display. This adds extra comfort to the users to operate with.

Intelligent water system:

As I mentioned earlier, filtering the water is necessary to make the perfect and high-quality coffee. 

Likewise, This Jura e8 comes with RFID technology, ensuring the new Claris smart filter is always inserted without any programming. And, this makes the filter process easier than before. 

Moreover, you can enjoy a delicious drink with a pleasant aroma with this Jura e8 automatic coffee machine.


This swiss designed Jura e8 coffee machine is a beautifully designed coffee machine in the Juras model. It comes with a glossy black piano and chrome siding, which is eye-catching.

This Jura e8 has six physical buttons for on-screen selections. 

And, this super-automatic espresso machine is not small in size. This is an average-sized machine that occupies a little more space in your kitchen. However, it fits perfectly under the countertops, and it is narrow enough to fit in tight spaces.

Brewing capacity:

This Jura e8 espresso machine comes with a large water container, about 1.9 liters of 64 fluid ounces. So, on average, you can make 32 double shots and 64 single shots of espresso. Great, right?

Along with that, the perfectly designed bean hopper of this machine can hold 280 grams of coffee grounds. With this, you can easily make 16 servings before it needs refilling.

If you are not satisfied with this machine’s brewing capacity, you can go for Jura Z8 as well. This larger coffee machine comes with a total capacity of 2.4 liters which is more than enough to make 81 servings of single shot espresso.

Cleaning and maintenance:

The most worrying part of using an espresso machine is cleaning and maintenance. But, don’t worry, this Jura e8 is excellent when it comes to cleaning. Yes, this Jura e8 is capable of cleaning itself automatically.

So, if you want to spend your money smartly and save up energy, then this Jura e8 is the perfect choice for you.

Moreover, this Jura e8 holds the feature of energy save mode (ESM) and zero-energy switch. Both of these helps to conserve power smartly and effectively.

Additional features:

Professional fine foam frother G2:

This Jura e8 is also called the professional fine foam frother. Above said, this Jura e8 is made from the highest quality materials, and the manufacturers finish it properly. So, it gives a stunning look and feel.

Furthermore, this specially designed Jura e8 coffee maker mainly prepares specialty coffees with milk and milk foam. So, you can make latte macchiato and other types of beverages, whichever you want, with very fine-textured foam without any fail.

Descaling the machine:

Descaling is the most challenging job of all coffee machines. Usually, scale is one of the biggest enemies of all appliances that use water. 

To descale this Jura e8 quickly and effectively, the manufacturers create tablets. You can use the Jura descaling tablets to remove the scale of your coffee machine. Due to this process, you can extend the life of your coffee machine. 

Cleaning the milk system:

It is pretty easy to clean the milk system of this Jura e8 espresso machine. It just takes only two minutes to clean. 

To clean the Jura e8 milk system, use only the Jura milk system cleaner. This Jura milk system cleaner is specially formulated to clean the milk system properly. 

Technical specifications:

  • Height-adjustable coffee spout – 65 – 111 mm
  • Height-adjustable cappuccino spout – 111 – 157 mm
  • Height-adjustable hot water spout – 111 – 157 mm
  • Water tank capacity – 1.9 L
  • Bean container holding capacity – 280 g
  • Coffee grounds container – 16 servings
  • Cable length (approx.) – 1.1 m
  • Voltage / Power – 230 V ~ / 1450W
  • Weight – 9.8 kg
  • Width – 28 cm
  • Height – 34.6 cm
  • Depth – 44.4 cm
  • Compatible with J.O.E – Yes
  • Display – Colour display
  • Programmable and individually adjustable amount of water – Yes
  • Programmable and individually adjustable coffee strength (Levels) – 8
  • Programmable brewing temperature (Levels) – 2
  • The programmable temperature of hot water (Levels) – 3
  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) – Yes
  • One-Touch function – Yes
  • Grinder – Multi-level Aroma G3 grinder
  • High-performance pump, 15 bar – 1
  • Thermoblock heating system – 1
  • Fluid systems – 1
  • Milk system / interchangeable milk spout – HP3
  • Powder chute for ground coffee – Yes
  • Aroma preservation cover – Yes
  • Number of specialty coffees – 15


  • It has eight grinder settings for better customization.
  • The advanced programmed machine extracts maximum flavor and aroma from the coffee beans.
  • Cleaning and descaling are automatic in this Jura e8.
  • It comes with a large LCD panel for one-touch use.
  • It has more frothing wand options compared to the other models.
  • It can make all kinds of coffee, including flat whites.
  • It comes with a built-in frother.
  • The performance of this machine is quick and super fast.
  • It has a super TFT display.
  • Elegant design.
  • It is made from high-quality materials.
  • Many innovative features are available in this coffee maker.
  • It is an ideal performance coffee maker in your kitchen.


  • This Jura e8 machine is quite heavy (20 pounds).
  • It has only one boiler for brewing and steaming.
  • This Jura e8 is slightly on the higher side, which means it is pretty expensive.
  • Moreover, this machine is larger than the usual machine, so it consumes more space.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I buy a Jura e8 coffee maker?

Based on my experience, yes, you can buy this Jura E8 coffee maker without hesitation. This fantastic coffee machine can make a variety of drinks without any effort. Plus, cleaning and maintenance are also quite easy compared to the other models.

Where do I buy Jura e8?

Nowadays, many resellers are out there. So the cost of the machine will vary if you buy it from the resellers. It is better to buy a coffee machine direct from the JURA store through Amazon. It is safe as well as you will get this Jura e8 at an affordable cost.

Does the Jura e8 make great microfoam?

Yes, this Jura e8 comes with fine foam technology. As a result, it offers a fine microfoam compared to the other super-automatic espresso machines in the market.

Moreover, this machine can steam and froth perfectly and automatically.


To sum it up, this Jura e8 is the best machine for both home or commercial use. It has several unique features, and its performance is quite fast. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every day within a minute without making any effort. Buy this high-end model and enjoy every brewing with this Jura e8 coffee maker.

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