Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine Best Review

Nuova Simonelli is one of the most innovative Italian companies producing espresso machines for many years. And, the products from the Nuova Simonelli are the most demanded in the market. 

Because Nuova Simonelli uses high technology and its construction quality is perfect in their home espresso machines. In that, Oscar II is the best example.

In this particular post, I will review the market’s best and most demanded product of Nuova Simonelli Oscar II espresso machines.

What is Nuova Simonelli Oscar II espresso machine?

To begin with, Nuova Simonelli Oscar II comes with modern construction. The designers carefully choose high-quality materials to make this machine, so it lasts longer.

The next major thing to attract is that you can steam and brew with this machine simultaneously. 

Sounds good, right?

In simple words, if you prefer to buy a commercial-grade espresso machine for your home, then you can go for this Nuova Simonelli Oscar II. You will get what you pay for.

Features of Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine:


Nuova Simonelli Oscar II is one of the best coffee machines in the taste compared to the other. Because, It will extract flavor from the coffee grounds as much as possible.  

And mainly, this Oscar II machine uses a unique technology that helps to prevent the coffee grounds from burning. Plus, it keeps your espresso tasting as fresh as possible.

Moving towards this machine doesn’t have a grinder, so if your coffee tastes bad, then it’s not Simonelli’s fault.

Moreover, this Oscar II espresso machine is specially designed to be used for commercial cafes, so it offers a highly professional taste and aromatic coffee for you every day.

Brewing capacity:

This highly reputed Oscar II from Nuova Simonelli has 2.8 liters of water tank capacity. So you can make at least 11 cups of espresso before refilling. Not only that, but also this machine allows you to make 1 or 2 cups of espresso at any given time.

Whether you will use this machine for commercial purposes/home use or not, you and your friends can enjoy a coffee simultaneously with this machine. That is why this Nuova Simonelli Oscar II is quite famous in the marketplace.

Note: If you want to make more cups of coffee, like two or more, you will have to run a few cycles, which is time-consuming.

  • User-friendliness:

If you are looking for a perfect espresso machine with a minimal interface, this Oscar II is the best choice. It comes with highly polished stainless steel in front, and it has four simple buttons on the top.

Moving forward, it has a lever that allows easily dispense the espresso into the cups along with the milk frothing wand.

You can access the water reservoir from the top of the machine. Plus, it has a hot plate on the top, which helps to keep your coffee warm and fresh until you pick it up to enjoy. Moreover, to catch any spills and drips, the drip is fixed at the bottom of the machine.

Design and material:

Commonly, stainless steel is one of the high-quality and high tensile strength materials compared to the other. It does not corrode and does not rust. So, most of the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II frames are made using stainless steel. 

And, the exterior of this machine is coated using ABS plastic. This ABS plastic is highly resistant to heat, scratches, and shock. The most important thing is that ABS plastic will cut the overall cost of the product too much.

In addition, the brew group of this machine is made from marine grade brass, which is a highly conductive material as well as free from corrosion.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Maintaining an espresso machine is not an easy task, so manufacturers are making their espresso machines easier to clean. 

The cleaning and maintenance of this Nuova Simonelli Oscar II are relatively easy, and it requires a moderate amount of cleaning. 

Note: The showerhead and its are recommended to be replaced annually. 

Furthermore, this machine has an auto-refill system. If it’s running low, then the system automatically adds more water to the tank. Plus, if the device doesn’t find any water source for refilling, it will simply shut off itself to prevent burning.


Now it’s more accessible to frothing milk and adding steam to your espresso through steam or frothing wand in this Oscar II. Besides, the frothing wand of this machine is narrow, and it is made using stainless steel. Plus, it has a rubber grip for extra safety.

Adding a coffee cup underneath is now easy and not messy because the wand of this Nuova Simonelli can be rotated in 360 degrees.

One of the main benefits you will gain from buying this machine is you can froth the milk while brewing the espresso at the same time. 

The only disadvantage of this machine is that it has no pressure gauge.


As I mentioned before, this Nuova Simonelli doesn’t come with a built-in grinder. So, if you prefer to use pre-ground coffee or you have a separate grinder at home, then you can buy this machine without any second thought.

Having a separate grinder means you can control the texture and fineness of coffee. Suppose, if you are looking for a grinder, then you can go for Nuova Simonelli Coffee Grinder. 

It is best to use in homes and cafes. Moreover, this Oscar II machine is more compatible with ESE pods and Lavazza espresso Capsules.


  • It offers a great aroma and taste.
  • It has the brass brew group.
  • The stainless steel made of this machine is scratch and fingerprint resistant.
  • It provides commercial-quality brewing.
  • You can enjoy the milk froths in just 10 seconds.
  • Water tank capacity is high.
  • You can froth and brew the espresso at the same time.
  • Oscar II is a compact build for your home/commercial use.
  • It has a professional portafilter.
  • It has a cup warmer to heat your mugs, and it is always ready to offer fresh espresso.
  • It is affordable in cost.


  • It has no grinder, tamper, or carafe.
  • The replacement parts are rare and expensive.
  • The weight of this machine is relatively high.

Technical Specifications:

  • OSCAR II Width – 12 inches
  • Depth – 16 inches
  • Height – 16 inches and extra height needed for reservoir access
  • Watts – 1300 W
  • Volts – 120 V
  • Programmability – Shot Time
  • Case Material – Stainless Steel/Plastic
  • Boiler Material – Copper
  • Cup Clearance – 4 inches
  • Boiler Volume – 2 liter
  • Reservoir Size – 2.8 liter
  • Solenoid Valve – Yes
  • Cup Tray – Yes
  • Portafilter Size – 58mm
  • Available Portafilters – Non-Pressurized, Bottomless
  • Boiler Design – Heat Exchanger
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards – Yes
  • Pod Friendly – Yes – with adaptation
  • Auto Shut Off – No
  • Auto On – No
  • Pre-Infusion/Aroma – Yes
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Pump – Vibration
  • Pre-Infusion – Yes
  • Voltage – 220-240V
  • Weight – 13kg

Final Verdict:

To sum it up, these Nuova Simonelli espresso machines are a top-rated machine, and it is an outstanding choice for home use or small-sized commercial applications. 

Note: Better to avoid buying this espresso machine from the resellers. It is safe to buy it from Amazon, and you will get great offers too. 

You can buy the same quality of any espresso machine in the marketplace. Still, all are expensive compared to this Nuova Simonelli Oscar II, and it has various unique features. I prefer to buy this machine and happily brewing with your family or friends. 

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