5 Best Coffee For French Press

If you like to drink coffee, then there are several choices available. You can purchase a high-priced espresso machine or an affordable drip machine. Even you can spend on a percolator. But, the best and final choice is the French Press.

Many people love the French Press. The reason is its taste. Yes, French Press maintains its water temperature throughout the process. 

So, when compared to others like drip machines or espresso, you will get a good taste of coffee using a French press.

Okay, let’s get into the topic directly. Here, I am going to share my experience about which is the Best Coffee For French Press.


Grind size for French Press:

Nowadays, coffee grounds are available in all grind sizes, from extra fine to coarse fine. You can use any size of coffee beans. But, if you want to enjoy the delicious coffee using a french press, then coarse fine coffee grounds are the best choice.

Because coarse grind beans can maximize the surface area available for the hot water to penetrate. As the water steeps, coffee beans will release carbon dioxide gases. So, you will get a tastier brew.

Roast Type for French Press:

The type of roast for your french press purely depends on your personal preferences. The thing is the duration and temperature at which the beans are roasted will impact the flavor of your delicious drink. 

Professionals said that medium and dark roast coffee beans are more suitable for french press brewing.

Types of coffee beans roast:

Normally, there are four different types of coffee beans roast used to make the french press. They are Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, and Dark.

Light – Light roast coffee beans are lightly roasted in color. Noticeably, it will produce acidic coffee with a grainy and light-bodied taste.

Furthermore, these beans are dry which means it doesn’t contain any oil on its surface.

Medium Roasted Beans – Medium roasted beans are also the same as lightly roasted beans. It is dry and without any oil. 

However, the taste of these beans is satisfied, which means it offers a smoother and more balanced taste every time. Overall, medium roasted coffee beans are brown and have a balanced acidity.

Medium Dark roasted beans – These roasted beans are dark in color and heavier in the body. Noticeably, these beans have oil on its surface, so it is more suitable for french press. 

Moreover, these roast offers the slight flavor of spice. Plus, the coffee produced by these roasted beans gives a smooth and balanced taste with less acidity.

Dark roasted beans – Dark roasted beans are almost black. These beans offer a shiny look because of the oil present on their surface. 

These dark beans have a very less amount of acidity level when compared to the other roasted beans. So, it tastes better and is accompanied by smoky, bitter, or burnt flavors.

Best packaging of coffee:

Many people think that packaging is not an important factor to consider before buying. But, it is a must. Because packaging will impact the freshness of your coffee

It is always good to go with airtight packaging because of the delicate and perishable nature of beans. 

Note: Do not store your coffee in a paper bag with no seal.

Sometimes the flavor of the coffee may be weakened by heat, moisture, exposure to light. Even beans can absorb external odors. It might change the taste of your coffee.

Different packaging options:

Consider the following packaging options if you want to preserve the taste and longevity of your beans.

Doypack –  This type of packaging mostly has a flat top and oval bottom to stand on its own. Also, it is suitable for convenient storage. Another good feature in this doy pack packaging has a zipper included in the top. So, it allows the bag to release freshness easily. 

Quad Seal Bag – The design of these bags is sturdy. Plus, it can hold heavier weights of coffee easily. 

Flat-bottom bag – The shape of this packaging is brick-shaped, and it is most popular. The modular shape of this bag can stand upright unassisted. Some flat-bottom bags are available with an integrated Zipper.

Canister – Canister bags are made of steel or plastics, and these are completely opaque and airtight. Besides, these bags are the most recommended as well.



Koffee Kult coffee beans are a dark roasted type of beans. These coffee beans are packed immediately once it is roasted. So, it tastes stronger than others.

Plus, If you use these coffee beans, you can enjoy the smoothest and cleanest taste of the coffee. 

Its quality is high, but the cost is affordable. Moreover, using these coffee beans, you can enjoy the bold and smooth flavor of the coffee. 

The most important thing is this Koffee Kult doesn’t offer the bitter taste. The origin of these coffee beans is Columbia, Guatemala, and Sumatra. 

The packaging is very good. If you want to get out of your bed every morning with a great smell, then buy and enjoy your morning drink with Koffee Kult.


  • Unique and aromatic
  • Dark Roasted coffee beans
  • Fresh Locally roasted beans
  • These beans are 100% Arabica
  • The taste of coffee is quite delicious
  • Excellent packaging coffee beans
  • It is a whole coffee beans


  • Little expensive than other brands


Mayorga organics dark roasted coffee beans are Cuban-style dark roast beans. It gives a smooth and bold finish every time you make a coffee with it. Besides, it has hints of vanilla, sweet, and syrupy smokiness.

It offers a unique blend compared to the others, which is the special thing about this coffee.

These beans are roasted using the slow-roasted process. So, it is rich in quality, specialty grade, 100% Arabica, and Shade Grown.

Moreover, these Mayorga coffee beans are roasted and packed in the USA.

Now, you can try this Mayorga risk-free, which means the manufacturer offers 30 days of money-back guarantee on any product you have purchased from Mayorga Organics. 


  • It is a dark roasted coffee
  • Beans are whole
  • It uses 100% Arabica
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee
  • It is a high-quality and specially packaged coffee


  • Quantity is low


If you would like to try medium roast coffee, you can go for Intelligentsia Frequency Blend coffee beans.

Intelligentsia blends are designed to showcase and represent the lively fruit flavors and sweetness that characterize the best single-origin coffee.

Measure 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for each 6oz, then brew and enjoy. 

This is a user-recommended and top-rated product in the market. So, you can buy with confidence.


  • Affordable
  • Mouth-watering aroma
  • Only the best coffee beans are used from the world’s top growing regions.
  • Organically grown and hand-picked
  • Best for making french press


  • It contains acidity


This strong AF coffee is 100% Robusta. At the same time, these beans are being grown without pesticides. Plus, these high-quality beans are hand-selected from artisanal farms in Vietnam.

Beans from Strong AF coffee have roasted perfectly at the right temperature, offering a rich and complex aroma. 

Moreover, these beans have a nutty flavor with hints of clove and caramel, which offers a rich taste to you.

If you would like to give a special surprise to your lover, then present this unique Strong AF coffee. 

Furthermore, these medium roasted coffee beans are the best coffee for the french press, and, using this, you can prepare espresso, over ice, or any beverage that requires high-quality coffee.


  • These beans are highly caffeinated to start your morning with perfect.
  • It offers the string and dark flavor with high-quality.


  • Little on the pricey side.


One of the most favorite and best coffee for french press on this list is Death wish coffee Beans. It is well-famous and also known as the world’s strongest coffee.

It offers a rich taste, but it doesn’t have a bitter or highly acidic taste. If you want to make a delicious french press, these Death wish coffee beans are an excellent choice.

These coffee beans are USDA-certified organic assures to get high-quality coffee, 100% natural with no artificial additives and ingredients.

Moreover, these freshly roasted coffee beans also assure you are getting the new, consistent, and high-quality you deserve.


  • It is a dark roasted coffee
  • USDA certified
  • A great choice for the French Press
  • User-recommended and high-demanded product in the market
  • Organic coffee beans come with a combination of cherry melting chocolate flavor
  • It offers the smooth and rich taste


  • A bit on a pricer side
  • It is too dark than the other


To sum it up, you can buy any of the coffee based on your budget and taste preference. But, before going to purchase any of the coffee, consider the above factors that we mentioned in this post of best coffee for french press.

If you don’t have any idea or want to enjoy a delicious cup of French Press, then Death Wish coffee is a perfect choice. It is budget-friendly beans, and you can enjoy the high-quality and rich taste of coffee every time.

Moreover, you can purchase your favorite coffee anywhere, but it is safe to buy it on Amazon. Buy coffee and enjoy french press every morning.

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