Best Espresso Machine of Delonghi La specialista Review

Nowadays, lot’s of coffee machines out there. So, there is no surprise if you get lost in the vast market. Are you looking for the perfect espresso machine which is worth for your money? If yes, then take a quick view of this Review of the Delonghi La Specialista Espresso machine.

Here, I will describe the best and worthiest product from De’Longhi called La Specialista espresso maker. 

This machine is the best solution for people who are tired of tamping and grinding the coffee. However, this high-end model comes with versatility and tons of new features.


  • Sensor grinding technology
  • Smart tamping station
  • Active temperature control with a dual heating system.
  • Advanced latte system.
  • 1-second quick start.
  • Separate hot water spout.
  • Two years of warranty.



This La Specialista espresso machine is programmed with advanced technology so it can extract your shot from every grain of espresso in the portafilter. Besides, it performs with the active temperature control technology to heat the brew and steam separately.

Commonly, 15 bar pump pressure is recommended to enjoy a barista-style espresso. This machine uses 19 bar pump pressure, so without any doubt, each shot of espresso from this machine has a rich taste and saturated aroma.

Note: The taste of your espresso may be a bit metallic in the first few rounds. So, running a few cycles with water is highly recommended.

Furthermore, this espresso machine uses a carbon-reins filter in the water tank to extract the best flavour out of the coffee grounds. 

Only one disadvantage in this DeLonghi La Specialista doesn’t come with the feature of PID control.

Brewing capacity:

Most of the high-end espresso machines allow using either home or office. This DeLonghi La Specialista doesn’t like that, which means you can use this machine in both home and offices. 

It has a water tank capacity of 2 litres which is approximately 67.63 fluid ounces. So, you can make at least 67 single shots and 33 double espresso shots easily.

The water reservoir of this machine won’t require refilling the water frequently. Without any doubt, a single tank will last for a week, sometimes a month, depending on your drinking habits.

Notably, this espresso maker comes with three different presets for coffee, espresso, and Americano. Also, it holds a bean hopper with a capacity of 1.7 pounds of beans.


The first and most important thing we should note while buying the espresso machine is the user interface. 

Likewise, this La Specialista comes with precise and straightforward controls. However, the interface of this machine consists of buttons and dials.

When it comes to the steam wand of this machine comes with two different modes they are foam and flat. 

Plus, it has three preset modes of Espresso, coffee, and Americano. The drip tray of this machine is removable, and it consists of a hot water dispenser for Americanos.


The most impressive thing about this espresso maker is the design. Its body is entirely made using stainless steel. So, it is resistant to rust, corrosion, and damage. 

Also, the drip tray and cup warmer are made with stainless steel. Plus, it has a rubber-padded stainless steel steam wand. 

As I said before, the user interface is simple, so this machine is suitable for both beginners and experienced. 

Now, the size of the machine is quite expensive, so it consumes a lot of space in your kitchen. Unfortunately, this machine has a large hopper, so you won’t get enough space for warming your cups. 

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Is DeLonghi La Specialista easy to clean? Yes, it is. This La Specialista is great for descaling and backflushing. In the box, you will get a descaling solution with a small cleaning brush. This brush will help you out to clean the dirt.

And, this espresso maker is not dishwasher safe. The housing and most of the parts are made from stainless steel so simply wiping on the machine is more than enough.

Frothing and Grinding:

This DeLonghi La Specialista is designed with two separate heating coils. One for a brew and another one for the steam wand. So, you can brew your coffee, and the steam wand is ready simultaneously.

The wand is articulated so it can move in all directions. Besides, the padded rubber elbow helps to prevent burns and blisters. 

Plus, there is a knob in the machine which allows you to control the type of foam you want. 

It is highly recommended to choose foam for latte art and flat for a cappuccino. And, now, you can easily make hot chocolate and americanos using a hot water dispenser.

When it comes to grinding, this La Specialista is equipped with a built-in grinder, and it works using sensor-based grinding technology. 

So, it can offer the precise amount of grounds every time. It will also allow you to control the texture and consistency of the grind from the hopper itself.

The main highlight of this machine is its smart grinding station. This smart grinding station performs automatically, and it will grind the coffee once you place the portafilter inside. 

So, always make sure to set your preferences before inserting the portafilter. Once you’re done with the grinding, pull down the tampering lever at the left to tamp the portafilter smartly.


This DeLonghi La Specialista is quick and easy to start. It takes a minute to startup after that; grinding and tamping are automatic. Moving towards, this espresso machine allows you to control the temperature precisely with the help of Active temperature control technology.

Moreover, this machine comes with a height of 1 foot, and it occupies 6 square feet of space in your kitchen.


  • It uses a separate boiler for brewing and steaming.
  • It automates the grinding and tamping.
  • It comes with a built-in grinder and hopper.
  • It includes a pressure gauge.
  • You can make Americanos, Latte, cappuccino, and espresso with this machine.
  • This is best to use both home and commercial purposes.
  • It has an advanced latte system.


  • It has no integrated PID control.


I hope the Review about Delonghi La Specialista is helpful for you. You know very well that there are many coffee machines available in the market. So, choosing a suitable machine for your needs is quite tricky. 

However, before buying any brand of a coffee machine, consider these factors such as design, cost, quality, pump pressure, built-in grinder, number of beverages, and performance. Happy Caffeniating!!!

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