Ninja specialty coffee maker intense Review

Almost, we all love coffee. Drinking coffee outside is not a possible one for every day in our busy life schedule. So, the only solution to this problem is buying a good quality coffee maker. Nowadays, a coffee maker turns out to be one of the home essentials. Most people love brewing coffee in the comfort of their own home. 

Okay, now, are you looking for a machine with flavourful, robust, healthy, and strong brew? In that case, you can go for the Ninja coffee maker. If you want to know about it deeply, go through this Ninja specialty coffee maker review.

Features of Ninja specialty coffee maker:

Readout why ninja specialty coffee makers are famous and the most recommended products on the internet.

Dimensions and capacity:

Having no bias, first, we all consider the dimensions and capacity of the coffee maker. Because we all expect that the coffee maker should be high in capacity and it might fit in our kitchen well. 

If you want satisfaction with your purchase, then you can go for this Ninja specialty coffee maker. It’s dimensions are 11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches. Besides, the item weight is just 3.12 pounds. 

I’m damn sure it won’t take maximum space on your countertop. Furthermore, this ninja coffee maker sits comfortably in any open space kitchen or higher-sitting cabinet.

Brewing sizes:

Do you know why most people love this Ninja specialty coffee maker? Because of its brewing sizes. It is one of the great benefits you will gain if you invest in it. 

It has a knob shaped dial. With its help, you can choose the offered sizes. Plus, you have complete control over how much coffee you brew. Sounds good, right? 

Some of the brewing sizes included in this Ninja specialty coffee maker are 9.5oz for a small cup, 11.5oz for a large cup, 14oz for a travel mug, 18ox for a large travel mug, whole carafe, and half carafe.

Choices of brew style:

Commonly, every coffee machine in the marketplace can brew the strongest rich and classic coffee.

This ninja brand introduced the advanced programming machine, which means it can brew a wide range of styles. 

Below you can find the different brew styles of Ninja specialty coffee makers.

Classic: This classic brew style is suitable for the person who loves black coffee most. Also, with this style, you can enjoy smooth and balanced coffee for daily sipping.

Rich style: If you need more kick in your beverage, this rich style is for you. When compared to the classic one, you can relish a strong little brew with this rich style. 

Ice over coffee: one of the best things about this Ninja specialty coffee maker is it will produce both hot and cold. 

Note: Before brewing coffee in your cup, make sure to place the ice on it.

Specialty: This specialty brew style is almost similar to your favorite Espresso. With the help of it, you can make a latte or even blended beverages.

Cold-brew: In just 10 minutes, this Ninja especially makes delicious and refreshing cold brew coffee. 

Cafe forte: This cafe brew style is available only in this Ninja specialty coffee maker. This cafe forte allows you to produce stronger Espresso like coffee when compared to specialty brewing.


When comes to the cleaning process of Ninja is very easy. The process is almost similar to the other drip coffee maker. Use 50/50 white vinegar and water to clean up the carafe, water reservoir, and permanent filter.

Water utilization:

There are so many options in the market. But, Ninja is always the best and stands out unique. Because if you choose this ninja specialty coffee maker, all you need to do is add the correct water amount. After that, the machine will handle the rest of the process.


The carafe is one of the impressive things about this coffee maker. Mostly, previous models of Ninja come with a glass carafe. But, this specialty maker has an automatic thermal carafe. When compared to the glass carafe maker, this thermal carafe maker is relatively high in cost. 

But, don’t worry; definitely, it will be a worthwhile purchase. This thermal carafe is specially designed for those who are looking for heavy-duty and multiple brews throughout the day.


  • Introduces thermal flavor extraction technology brews at a perfect temperature.
  • SCA certified product
  • The easily removable water reservoir
  • Permanent gold-tone filter
  • You can program the daily brew time on your own
  • One year of product guarantee
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Easy automatic cleaning mode
  • Fold-away milk frother
  • Automatic shut-off and warning light indicator for safety 
  • 4 cup brew sizes from 9 to 18 ounces
  • The attractive black color suits your modern kitchen well
  • Exterior body made using the high-quality stainless steel for strong and sturdy


  • Exceptionally high in the cost
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Quite noisy

Why should I need to buy a Ninja specialty coffee machine?

First of all, this ninja specialty coffee maker is not a single purpose machine. It can work as a single-cup coffee maker, drip coffee maker, or even an Espresso machine. So, considering all the directions, it is a beneficial product if you invest in it.

The exciting design and advanced technology combination offer a different brew size and style, durability, convenient use, flexibility, and quality.

Hereafter, you don’t need to wait for a long time to make coffee. The automatic features in this machine will work effectively to make delicious and flavorful coffee based on your preferences.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Does this machine produce noise?

Yes, of course, but it’s not loud compared to the other top-rated coffee maker. Once you start the brewing process, you will hear a little noisy sound for a few seconds, and it beeps some time to indicate your coffee is ready. Apart from that, it won’t produce any noise. 

Does this machine require pods?

No, this ninja specialty coffee maker doesn’t require any pods. All you need to do is pick your favorite coffee grounds. Other things the machine will do for you.

So, hereafter, you don’t need to complicate things to do a good latte or cappuccino every morning. Refer to the quick-start guide of this coffee maker to know how to use it effectively.

What is Ninja smart scoop?

Ninja smart scoop will do guesswork, which means calculating how much coffee to need to put into the filter.

Besides, the marking on the spoon ensures whether you’re using the correct amount of coffee or not. Read out the manual to know more about the measurements with Ninja smart scoop.


Without any doubt, considering all the features, this Ninja specialty coffee maker is a high-quality and well-made product in the marketplace. 

If you want to enjoy an unlimited drink with different varieties, buy this Ninja specialty coffee maker. It won’t cost you that much, and it is a flexible, affordable, and non-dependable machine. 

The features of this machine are imposing, and we recommend this product with high-confidence.

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