The Best Coffee Maker Under 50

In this modern era, saving time is one of the main concerns if you’re busy with jobs or others. So, drinking coffee will boost your mood and give you the energy to work. For that, all you need is a good coffee maker.

These days, owning a coffee machine is the first and foremost choice for all coffee lovers to enjoy homemade coffee. 

Many of you may be worried about the budget. But, there are dozens of coffee makers available for under $50. If you are looking for the best coffee maker under 50, then read this post to learn about the coffee maker.

Things to consider for buying the best coffee maker under 50:

Here I mentioned some important things to note while buying the best coffee maker under 50. Such things are as follows,

Types of the coffee machine:

Commonly, there are two types of coffee machines available: pod or capsule and Bean to cup coffee machines.

Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, and Nespresso are the pod types of machines that offer a quick and easy way to make a coffee at home.

Pod-type machines won’t require too much space to install. Also, these are pretty cheap to buy. The single machine cost will come around under $40. 

Cleaning and maintenance are easy. Not only that but also you can make hot chocolate and tea than coffee using the coffee pod machines

If you are an occasional coffee drinker, then the pod coffee machine suits you.

Now, the Bean to cup coffee machines, these types of devices will grind the beans on demand and offer a fresh brew.

Besides, the Bean to cup coffee machines is primarily automatic. Also, it allows you to use your favorite coffee beans.

Moreover, these models are more expensive than pod types, and these are large and bulky too.

Milk frothing:

If you are a fan of cappuccino and latte, then buy the best coffee maker under 50 with milk-frothing function. 

In these milk-frothing functions, several options are available such as a steam wand, standalone frother, built-in automatic frother, and milk pod.

Each option has several unique specialties. Learn about it deeply before choosing any one of them.

Personalization and capacity:

Next, the essential factors for buying the best coffee maker under 50 are personalization and capacity. Many top-quality coffee machines let you adjust the preset drink settings to drink your coffee based on your preferences.

So, based on the setting, the machine will automatically dispense your coffee at the right amount and excellent strength every time you need it.

Now, when it comes to the capacity of the coffee machine, it is wholly based on your need. Go for the larger model coffee machines of 1.5 liters of the water tank if you want to drink much coffee daily.

Otherwise, you can go for the pod type of machines. These have small tanks and are very convenient to use.

Intelligent controls and maintenance:

Some top brand coffee machines are programmed to connect your device to a smartphone using an app. So, you can easily access or do some time settings using your smartphone easily.

Not only that, but also it will provide some troubleshooting advice and maintenance alerts.

Maintenance of the coffee machine is essential for the device to work correctly for a long time. 

Usually, automatic cleaning programmed coffee machines are pretty convenient for maintenance as well it is fewer hassles. 

Even you can go for the manually cleaned coffee machine. These are less in cost. But, keep one thing in your mind, check whether the parts of the coffee machine can be easily removed and dishwasher safe in the manually cleaned coffee machines.

Five best coffee maker under 50:

There are many coffee maker brands available in the market with high-quality product lines and affordable prices. 

Here, I have reviewed the top 5 best coffee maker under 50. These are high-reviewed products, budget-friendly, and best for the long-timer performance.

Mueller Ultimate single-serve coffee maker:

Mueller single-serve coffee maker is overall the best product in the traditional market. 

Using this coffee maker, you can brew the coffee quickly. Not only that but also this ideal product offer many advantages to you such as follows,

This Mueller coffee maker is compact in design, so you can easily place it in any corner of your kitchen.

The performance of this coffee maker is very decent, which means you can enjoy the super fast brewing with it. It takes just 3 minutes to make your coffee with excellent strength.

Moreover, this coffee maker is easy to operate. Touching one button will make the perfect coffee for you. 

Besides, this small coffee maker comes with a capacity of a 10oz water tank. So, you can make 4 to 6 cups of coffee at any time you need.

One of the best parts of this coffee maker is it allows you to use any taller cups up to 4.1 inches. It has a removable drip tray so you can quickly and make a delicious cup of coffee without any mess.


  • Fast brewing.
  • Suitable to use for all taller cups.
  • It saves time and energy.


  • Water tank capacity is low.

Hamilton beach programmable coffee maker:

If you are looking for the best home coffee maker, I recommend buying this Hamilton beach programmable coffee maker. 

This coffee maker has a 60 ounces water tank. So, you can serve up to 12 cups of strong coffee to your family members. 

Besides, it has front access to a water tank. This front access will help you fill the water quickly and keep this coffee maker easily under the cabinet when in use.

The water tank has an easy-to-view water window. Moreover, it has the advanced features of a programmable clock. It will allow you to set the brew time and strength in earlier. 

You can also work with peace of mind with this coffee machine because it has the automatic shut-off features of 2 hours.

This coffee maker is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Furthermore, it reduces wastage because it uses a permanent gold-tone filter.

It takes at least 8-14 minutes to make coffee for you. If you want to benefit from the automatic process and multi-serve coffee option, buy this Hamilton best coffee maker under 50.


  • Capable of serving up to 12 cups
  • Larger water tank capacity
  • Automatic pause and brew features
  • Easy timer setting option
  • Affordable cost


  • It takes more than 8 minutes to make coffee

Black+decker CM0755BZ coffee maker:

This Black+decker CM0755BZ coffee maker is best for daily use. If you want to brew an iced coffee or tea, buy this Black+decker CM0755BZ coffee maker without thinking about anything.

The weight of this coffee maker is just 1.79 pounds only. So, you can carry it easily anywhere you go. Furthermore, this machine is suitable to use on camping trips. This is why this Black+decker is the best coffee maker under 50 when compared to the other.

It has an improved glass carafe with a comfortable handle. Not only that but also the removable lid allows you to clean it easily without any mess.

Moreover, if you buy this coffee maker, you will get a double-walled Tritan coffee mug. It has a capacity of 8oz. It maintains the right temperature for perfect drinking.

Furthermore, it has a permanent metal filter. It allows you to use your favorite coffee beans, and it is easy to clean. So, hereafter you don’t need to worry about using the paper filter anymore.


  • Space-saving design
  • Includes the permanent metal filter
  • Comfortable carafe handle 
  • The ergonomic design of the coffee maker
  • Lightweight


  • Water tank capacity is small

Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable coffee maker:

If you are looking to buy a classic appearance of a coffee maker, then this Mr. coffee’s best coffee maker under 50 is an excellent choice for you. It is suitable for use in both homes and offices.

Compared to the other coffee maker on this list, it can deliver the rich taste and natural flavor of high-quality coffee every day at an affordable cost.

The advanced programming of this coffee maker lets you set the brew time up to 24 hours for late brewing. Furthermore, the 2 hours of auto shut-off features will automatically shut down the machine.

If you buy this coffee maker, it will save money for you and saves energy as well.

Moreover, this coffee maker takes 5 minutes to make a good cup of coffee for you. Also, the auto-pause feature permits you to enjoy a coffee before the brewing cycle is finished.


  • It has a dual water window
  • The indicator light for ON/OFF
  • Easy water filling
  • Cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple
  • It provides a rich coffee taste with full natural flavors


  • It has a plastic body

KRUPS drip coffee maker:

If you are looking to buy a coffee maker with a steel finish, opt for this KRUPS drip coffee maker. With the help of this coffee maker, you can brew up to 5 cups of coffee at a single time.

Not only that but also it keeps your beverages warm for a few hours, so you don’t need to brew again and again.

The controls and buttons of this maker are the best to operate. 

Unfortunately, it takes a long time to make the coffee for you. But, indeed, it will provide the best taste and flavor of the coffee to you.

Moreover, the stainless steel body will last for a long time, and it offers a luxurious look to your kitchen.

It has a glass carafe with measurements. The body and the carafe are easy to wash and dishwasher safe.


  • Stainless steel finish 
  • The body parts are dishwasher safe
  • Keep your coffee warm for 2 hours
  • It can brew up to 5 cups of coffee
  • Affordable cost


  • No automatic shut-off feature
  • It takes more time to brew coffee

How often can I clean a coffee maker?

Cleaning regularly is the best for the coffee maker to last longer. Wash your coffee maker with water after you use it. If your coffee maker is dishwasher safe, then it is easy to clean it deeply. Otherwise, it would be best if you were very careful while washing your machine.

Which carafe is best to use?

There are two types of carafes available in the market such as glass carafe and thermal carafe. Glass carafes are lower in cost when compared to the thermal carafe.

Usually, the glass carafe uses a hot plate to keep the coffee warm. And, then thermal carafe has insulated walls to retain the perfect temperature.

Most consumers prefer to use the thermal carafe even though it is pretty high in cost because the glass carafe will cook the coffee over time, so the taste of the coffee will differ.

How to use the coffee maker properly?

If you are using the coffee powder, prefer the medium grind to enjoy the most delicate taste.

Always use the right amount of coffee ground. Too much and too little is not good. 

Learn to use all parts of the coffee maker. Besides, after cleaning your coffee maker, make sure whether all aspects of the coffee maker are placed in the original position or not.


If you are a coffee lover, it is complicated to choose the coffee maker within your budget. 

To avoid confusion and difficulty, you can buy any of the above recommended five best coffee maker under 50. 

These are well-known brands and user-recommended products. Furthermore, these products have a good warranty. Buy the best coffee maker under 50 and enjoy drinking coffee every day.

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