KitchenAid Espresso Machine Best Review

Kitchenaid Espresso machine is a reliable machine with excellent and substandard features. 

We are all committed to that; coffee is one of the preferable drinks every morning. It’s even called the energy drink.

But, making a coffee is not an easy one. So, we all prefer to use coffee or espresso makers. Espresso makers will ease our task and even can deliver delicious coffee at the perfect temperature. 

Now, when it comes to buying a coffee machine, it’s not easy to choose the perfect coffee machine for our daily use. So, to ease your job, Here I’m going to write about the KitchenAid espresso machine.

Overview of KitchenAid Espresso Machine:

Are you looking for an inexpensive espresso maker? At the same time, do you want to add some aesthetic value? If so, then this KitchenAid Espresso Machine is the best choice.

Because it is a well-known brand and has a striking design and its core features, it is exceptional.

This Espresso maker suits for everyone to use. Besides, if you want to invest in suitable products, you can buy this KitchenAid espresso machine without hesitation.

Yes, the earlier version of KPES100 and KES101 indeed has some issues. But this latest version doesn’t like that. 

The advanced features and beautiful design of this espresso maker make you a perfectly delicious coffee every time.

Moreover, this KitchenAid espresso machine comes with an impressive 5-years warranty period. So, you can buy this coffee maker with complete confidence.

Features of KitchenAid Espresso Machine:


The design of this coffee maker is unique and beautiful to look at. That’s why most of the users recommended buying this espresso maker. 

Besides, this particular model offers an elegant look to your kitchen, and definitely, it would brighten the workspace.

Normally, it comes in four colors: candy apple red, Empire red, frosted pearl, and Onyx.

Of course, it is not a space-saving design. If you are short of space in your kitchen, you can go for smaller machines in the market.

Hot dispenser:

The hot dispenser of this espresso maker is versatile. Using it, you can make different types of beverages such as Americanos, hot tea, hot chocolate, lattes, and other beverages.

Moreover, this machine has an adjustable frothing arm that will swivel both horizontally and vertically. So, it is extremely convenient to use.

Cup warmer:

The cup warmer and its rail has plenty of space. So, it allows up to 6 espresso cups easier, and it helps to keep your coffee warm. So, it is perfect for family use.

Creative design:

As I said before, this KitchenAid espresso machine comes with an impressive design. Besides, it has a specially designed spout that allows you to make creative latte art with a nifty little spout. 

Dual Independent Boilers:

Yes, this KitchenAid espresso machine has a dual independent boiler. These Independent boilers allow you to switch immediately from brewing to frothing. So, you will be quickly able to serve the delicious cup of hot beverage.

Espresso boiler:

For optimal brewing, this espresso boiler delivers the constant temperature and pressure. As a result, it produces an excellent espresso with a nice Crema. 

Steam boiler:

We all like the creamy cappuccino. For creamy cappuccino, the steam boiler in this machine delivers the abundant dry steam to froth your milk. 

Besides, it has two espresso and steam gauges. These two gauges will indicate the exact temperature in both boilers. So, based on that, you can control the water temperature instantly.

Furthermore, this espresso maker brews extremely fast when compared to the other machines. It takes less than six minutes to reach the boiled state, so the wait time for your espresso is quite short.

Now, the filter model in the espresso maker is the same as professional espresso machines. It has two baskets; one is used for single shots and paper espresso pads. And another one for double shots.

Water tank:

In most of the machines, filling the water in the tank is quite complicated. But, this KitchenAid espresso machine is specially designed, which means filling is very easy. 

Because the water tank is located at the back, and it will slide left or right. So, it is easy to access, and you will conveniently fill the water in the kitchen.

Coffee Quality:

Like other professional espresso machines in the market, this KitchenAid also produces high-quality and creamy espresso within a minute. For a better-tasting espresso, I always prefer to use filtered water to remove any traces of chlorine taste.


One of the nice features of this machine is the non-drip-system. 

Once the espresso brewing is finished, a solenoid valve prevents the passing through of water. So, it will help to keep the things nice and clean with no mess in the kitchen.

Furthermore, this KitchenAid Espresso machine has a larger workspace. So, it allows you to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time. Excellent right?

Coffee quantity:

As I said before, this KitchenAid coffee machine has two boiler systems. These systems normally keep the temperature and pressure up. 

With its help, it can produce several espressos at once. So, you don’t need to wait to regain the temperature and pressure every time you brew.

Now, the cup warmer of this machine is well-designed, and it is located at the top of the unit. It is railed to store up to six espresso cups safely. 

Not only that, but also, it will always provide a nice warm cup for your next espresso.

However, if you buy this machine, you don’t want to rush to a nearby local cafe. You can also produce many beverages for your family, friends, customers, and get-together quite easily.

Safety features:

When it comes to safety features, the espresso maker includes two thermostats and four fuses. These will ensure safe operation.

This KitchenAid Espresso machine is quite easy to use. For new users, it comes with easy instructions with helpful tips. 

Besides, using these instructions, you can learn to make perfect espresso and other types of beverages.


Set-up is quite a complicated thing in almost all coffee machines in the marketplace. But, this KitchenAid is not like that. Set-up is very easy, and it requires only basic things.

All you need to do is plug in the machine. Once your plugin, fill the water in the container. 

You can even slide right or left the container to fill the water conveniently.

Once the machine reaches the temperature, place one level measure of coffee in the smaller basket. Else, two scoops for a larger basket.

Press tamper into the grounds, and to keep a level surface, you can press down twice with firm pressure. This will help you to get even coffee extraction all the time.

If you would like to have a cappuccino, it’s better to froth your milk before brewing your espresso. Because steaming milk is the most difficult part of making a cappuccino, I believe.

This KitchenAid espresso machine is a semi-automatic machine, so it has no built-in grinder option.

Reservoir size:

This KitchenAid Espresso machine has a side-loaded water tank. This can hold up to 57 ounces easily. So, you can easily make several perfect espressos at a time, and it is perfect for family use.

Furthermore, this water tank has a built-in water filter. The key advantage of having a built-in water filter eliminates the need for descaling. 

So, it requires less maintenance. Plus, it helps to cut down the maintenance charges.

Brew unit:

Before explaining the brew unit, it is quite important to know the key difference between making espresso and drip-brew coffee.

Normally, the drip-brew machine using right now relies on gravity to get the coffee from the coffee grounds chamber and into the pot beneath it.

But, the espresso machine uses pressure. This mechanical pressure is measured using the bars where one bar is equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level.

You need at least nine bars of pressure if you want to make good espresso. But, this KitchenAid espresso machine uses 15 bars of pressure. 

So, without any doubt, if you buy this espresso machine, then you can make world-class espresso. 

So, you can buy and use this machine to save money and enjoy a perfect coffee every morning without any second thoughts.

Frothing system:

Normally, there are two basic approaches for frothing milk, such as auto-froth and a wand-based system. 

Auto-froth is automatic, and it does a lot of work for you. But, if you use auto-froth, you don’t have a control to choose the amount or quality of milk foam you get. But, a wand-based system gives full control to you.

Easy to use and clean:

This KitchenAid Pro Line espresso machine has no advanced electronics like LED display, temperature gauges, and complicated menu systems. 

Also, it takes less than five minutes to make coffee compare to the drip-brew machine.

As I said before, this is a semi-automatic type of espresso maker. So, some manual labor is involved in pulling shots and making specialty drinks. But, don’t worry, it won’t be complicated to operate.

The basic design and Clear controls in this maker allow you to clean easily. 

Plus, all instructions about cleaning are mentioned in the user manual. So, using a guide, you can easily clean and maintain it without any technical support.


  • First Striking and attractive design coffee maker in the market.
  • This KitchenAid coffee machine comes with all necessary tools; using this, you can make any specialty drink within a minute.
  • The user manual has clear instructions and is useful for maintenance.
  • It has two boiler systems.
  • You can enjoy the steamed milk and espresso at the same time.
  • The coffee filter is attached to this machine which allows you to use paper pods.
  • Included tamper and milk jug.
  • It has a high capacity of water reservoir.
  • Stainless steel body ensures durability and longevity.
  • The accessories in this machine are all high-class.
  • This machine is available at a reasonable cost in the market.
  • Fairly, it takes less than 5 minutes to deliver your delicious espresso.
  • Specially designed machines able to produce high-quality coffee without any doubt.


  • It requires more space in your kitchen.
  • Sometimes you may face problems with steam and pressure.
  • It would be best if you had a little learning curve to learn to use this machine properly.
  • You can’t control the size of your shot.
  • There are no adjusted temperature settings.
  • Fairly slow steam heat-up.
  • Picky Crema system.
  • The water reservoir is small when compared to the other professional espresso makers.

Should I buy a KitchenAid Espresso machine?

KitchenAid Espresso maker is the most eye-catching coffee machine in the market. If you are a traditional design lover, then this KitchenAid is the perfect machine for you.

This machine is available in red, cream, silver, and black color. 

If you are looking for the most practical set, then this machine won’t suit you because its preparation time is quite long and its reservoir is fiddly.

Furthermore, its cost is reasonable, and maintenance is less. So, finally, it is a cost-saving machine in the marketplace.


This KitchenAid pro line espresso machine is a very good-looking product. It will always deliver high-quality coffee to enjoy. But, sometimes, it has annoying performance problems. 

Furthermore, if you buy this machine, then you will get a warranty of 5 years. When it comes to the price of this machine, it is quite costly, but the advanced features of this maker are impressive and easy to use. 

This machine is available in all online markets. If you want to buy an aesthetic design and high-performance coffee maker, then choose this. And, enjoy drinking delicious creamy espresso every day.

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